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Kenneth Riley Artworks :

We have handled the following Kenneth Riley artworks (one is currently available)

• Ancestors• Indians on Horseback• The Chief
• Apache Raiders• La Plata Canyon• The Edge of the Spirits
• Blood Brother• Leading the Pack• The Shimmering Land (Available)
• Brothers• Legend of the Snow Teepee• The Virgin Country
• Canyon Scout• Mandan Gold• The White Captive
• Canyon Scout (study)• Mesa Verde• Three Figures
• Cavalry• Mesquite• Uncertain Future - Study 3
• Close Contact• On Alert• Warriors Trail
• Dawn Patrol• Plains Motif• West of Camelot
• Desert and Mountains• Primal Art• When the Going Gets Rough
• Dog Soldier• Sabino Creek, Tucson• Woman of the Plains
• Evening Glow• Soldier on Horseback• Zonun
• Forgotten Years• Steamboat Landing 
• Geronimo Dust and Sun• Tentative Agreement 
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