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Howard Terpning Artworks :

We have handled the following Howard Terpning artworks (none is currently available)

• A Friendly Game at Rendezvous• Found on the Field of Battle• The Bear Claw Necklace
• A Show of Defiance• He Rode Over His Enemy• The Cynic
• Abssiniboine Canadian Indian• Holy Man of the Blackfoot• The Force of Nature Humbles All Men
• Apache Band• Holy Man of the Blackfoot.• The Force of Nature Humbles All Men.
• Blackfoot• Horse Feathers• The Storyteller
• Brave• Howard Terpning: The Storyteller• The Sweat Lodge
• Captured from General Cooks Command• Howard Terpning: The Storyteller Book• The Taming of the Shrew Illustration
• Cheyenne Dog Men• Indian Portrait• The Trophy
• Cheyenne on the Disappearing Creek• Leader of Men• The Yellow Grass
• Chiracahua Apache• Light Cavalry• Thinking of Him
• Comanche Medicine• Medicine Shield of the Blackfeet• Thru the Aspen
• Cooling Off the Hard Way• Paper That Talks Two Ways, The Treaty Signing• Time Stood Still
• Council of Chiefs• Protectors of the Cheyenne People, 87/275• Unnamed Indian
• Council of Chiefs, 360/950• Scoped and Spotted• Vanishing Pony Tracks
• Crossing Wind River• Sign Along The Trail• Vanishing Pony Tracks 135/300
• Crow Pipe Ceremony• Sunset for the Comanche• Vanishing Pony Tracks, 265/300
• Crow Warrior• Sunset for the Comanche 135/250• Vanishing Pony Tracks, Ed. 134/300
• Empty Saddle• Sunset for the Comanche, Ed. 133/250• Winter Blanket
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