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Best known as a carver of stone, Tony Angell is a Northwest regional artist noted for his sculpture as well as his finely crafted drawings of birds. He is a graduate of the University of Washington, and his typical subjects are the creatures of the Pacific Northwest.

Animals, in particular snakes, lizards, birds, all fascinated me. It was a few years later that drawing and painting them on paper (or anything else) became a natural way to express my feelings for them and to explore their lives more fully. Fortunately, I had (have) a mother who permitted my collections of animals and frequent forays into the woods.

Angell is self-taught, and when once asked in and interview how he feels about formal art training, he responded: never having had formal training, it’s difficult for me to judge, but certainly I can see the benefits from learning the technical skills that formal training can provide. Much of my artistic evolution has come from trial and error and seeking out mentors of my own choice, -living and dead. I believe being driven to say something through art is fundamental to success. The skills can be acquired along the way, but the fire has to be there in the first place. No amount of talking or expounding of theory will make an artist. You have to work for it.Among books that have featured Tony Angell are: Iridescent Light:The Emergence of Northwest Art by Deloris Tarzan Ament, and Alaskas Copper River Delta, by Riki Ott.

Mr. Angell has served on the board of the Washington State chapter of The Nature Conservancy. He has participated in the National Academy of Design shows, and is an elected Fellow of the National Sculpture Society. He has also been an active participant in the Artists for Nature Foundation, an organization based in the Netherlands and consisting of artists dedicated to promoting through their work, the conservation of natural and historical landscapes. He continues to live and work in Seattle, Washington.
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