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“When painting, I set out to match my own emotive spark rather than any nominal subject of garden or girl.” Said another way, color is Frazier’s true subject, the medium through which he conveys his own emotions, and connects to the viewer. In conversation, as on canvas, Frazier speaks with directness of his impressions: the energy of sunlight suddenly breaking through trees, the tentativeness of a breeze, the perfume of a garden, the lazy beauty of a lakeside afternoon. Inasmuch as he uses broken bands of color to convey these personalized and admittedly “romanticized” impressions of his surroundings him, Frazier is an Impressionist in the classical sense.

However, “Impressionist” is a label Frazier would prefer to avoid. Instead, he calls himself a “colorist,” claiming it to be a more honest term for his work. More recently, he has taken to describing himself also as an “individualist,” stating, “To grow, one looks beyond what one knows. A survey of unknowns is a venture of individualism.” The point, he says, “is to respond to your own work so that you are continually innovating.”

The process of this continual innovation has taken Frazier far from his family roots in Shreveport, Louisiana, although the classical elegance of the art and architecture of that city’s antebellum past remains ingrained in his psyche. To this antebellum grounding, Frazier has added years of study at the University of Southern Louisiana, Lafayette; Holyoke Community College in Massachusettes; California State University, Long Beach and at the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, California.

The mastery of his craft has led to seventeen one-man shows, held in locations ranging from Washington D.C. to Texas, Arizona, Florida and South Carolina. Further recognition of Frazier’s ability and talent has come in the form of feature articles in both Southwest Art and Midwest Art magazines.

“I don’t know where I’m being led in this journey of discovery,” Frazier concludes, “but periodically along the route it all adds up and I say ‘Aha! The journey can be a beautiful thing…’”

Reference:, Altermann and Morris Galleries publication

  • SAI = Society of American Impressionsts
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