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Stevan Dohanos is best known for the covers, more than 100, he painted for "The Saturday Evening Post" magazine during the 1940s and 1950s. Most of his illustrations depicted common scenes of everyday post-war American life such as a mobile home complete with pink flamingo, a gas station attendant inflating a child's toy, a souped-up motorcycle in the owner's driveway, and a simple ice cream stand. His works are often compared to those of Norman Rockwell, but Dohanos' characterizations are not as sympathetic as Rockwell's. Prior to the introduction of television as a medium, The Saturday Evening Post had great influence, as it was likely the most widely followed exponent of American popular culture. Dohanos' work appeared frequently on its covers, making the artist seem to be their cultural spokes person. During the 1960s, the Post did not show art on its covers. Dohanos was soon selected to be the National Stamp Advisory Committee's chairman and was responsible for selecting art for postage stamps. His designs were used on twenty-five postage stamps. Stevan Dohanos was born in Lorain, Ohio and studied at the Cleveland School of art. At age 27, he filled his first national assignment, which was a watercolor for "McCall's" magazine". Then he did murals for buildings in West Virginia, Florida and the Virgin Islands, and shortly after that began the illustration career that made him famous. A victim of tuberculosis, he donated his time creating seal designs for the National Tuberculosis Association and also did a commemorative Post Office stamp for the Cancer Crusade. From 1961 to 1963, he served as President of the Society of Illustrators and in 1971 was elected to the Society's Hall of Fame. His home was Westport, Connecticut. He also did numerous paintings, and examples of Dohanos' later works include paintings of still-lifes with American cultural symbols such as weather vanes, decoys and hydrants. Reference:

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