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Steven Lang Artworks :

We have handled the following Steven Lang artworks (one is currently available)

• .Yellowboy• Military Scout• The Abandoned Fire
• A Truce Between Fighting Men• Mutual Admiration• The Ascendancy of Red Arm
• Badger Medicine• New Territory• The Chief's Lament
• Blackfeet Hunting Trail• Now That's Sculpturin'• The Chief's Medicine Hat
• Blankets, Beads & Whiskey• On Geronimo's Trail• The Deception
• Cattle Drives and Windies - Circa 1890• On the Bluff• The Hunted
• Cattle Trail DIplomacy• Painted Soldier• The Prairie's Gift
• Cold Winter Smoke• Painting the Winter-Count• The Prairie's Gift.
• Crossing the Bitteroots• Pecunni Hunters• The Signal (Available)
• Crossing the Bitterroots• Pipe Bearer of the Hidatsa• The Sioux Fight Like Bulls...
• Fate of the Hunters• Prayers, Drumbeats, and Smoke• The Spear Maker
• Fetterman's Lure• Quanah Parker and Isa-tai, Battle of Adobe Walls• The White Buffalo Robe
• Frontier Hospitality• Quiet Before Battle• Thunder Horse Shield
• Frontier Parley• Racing The Sun• Toward New Horizons
• Hidatsa Dog Soldier• Ridden Down• Trail of Unshod Ponies
• High Plains Conflict• Riding Towards the Sun• War Shields and the Holy Man
• High Plains Conflict.• Rifle and Lance• Warriors in the Wind
• Honoring the Fallen• San Miguel Fountain• When Every Shot Counts
• Horse Medicine• Smoke in the Wind• When the Buffalo Were Many
• Hostiles at Sunset• Song of the Plains• When the Land Was Still Theirs
• Hunter on the Kootenai• Song to the Buffalo• Where Eagles Soar
• Into the Mogollon• Standing Proud• Whirlwind
• Journey Into the Wilderness - Corps of Discovery• Stolen Ponies• Yellowboy
• Kiowa Dutch• Sunset at Medicine Bow 
• Leads His People• Takes the Pipe, Speaks the Truth 
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