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2013 April Auction

April 5, 2013

6333 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ

1Oreland C. Joe, Sr.At'sa (Eagle)20 by 15 by 4 inchesNew Mexico Marble$1,080Sold
2Frank DivitaSpirit of the Wind30 ¾ by 21 ¾ by 19 inchesBronze, Ed. 15/50$1,200Sold Post Sale
3Frank DivitaUpward Bound16 ¼ by 15 ¼ by 9 ¼ inchesBronze, Ed. 19/50$750Sold Post Sale
4Tony AngellKingfisher with Catch9 by 8 by 5 ¼ inchesStone$1,080Sold
5Roy GrinnellBuffalo24 by 30 inchesOil on Board$480Sold
6Kent UllbergBighorn Ram10 by 9 by 4 inchesBronze Ed. 13/50$720Sold
7Frederic RemingtonA Bunch of Buckskins: A Cheyenne Buck.20 by 15 inchesLithograph$2,214Sold
8Frederic RemingtonA Bunch of Buckskins: A Breed20 by 15 inchesLithograph$2,460Sold
9Frederic RemingtonA Bunch of Buckskins: Arizona Cowboy20 by 15 inchesLithograph$2,640Sold
10Frederic RemingtonWild Geese Shooting12 by 18 inchesChromoLithographNot Sold
11Charles SchreyvogelHow Kola14 by 20 inchesPlatinum Print$2,760Sold
12Charles SchreyvogelMy Bunkie14 by 20 inchesPlatinum Print$1,320Sold
13Gary Lynn RobertsIn a Hurry and Ready for Trouble12 by 9 inches (each image)Oil on Canvasboard$2,160Sold
14William MoyersBull Durham8 by 3 by 3¾ inchesBronze Ed. 6/40$600Sold
15Dan BodelsonWorking the Trap Line20 by 30 inchesOil on Linen$3,000Sold
16Ken FleischDays of Autumn30 by 40 inchesOil on Canvas$7,440Sold
17Jerry VendittiIndian and Corn24 by 21 inchesOil on canvas$600Sold
18Ken FleischSecrets20 by 24 inchesAcrylic on canvasNot Sold
19Nelson BorenCouldn't Resist44 by 71 inchesWatercolor on PaperNot Sold
20Xiang ZhangTakin' Hold20 by 16 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
21Gary KappWagon Crossing24 by 48 inchesOil on panelNot Sold
22Austin DeuelLone Rider7 ½ by 22 ¼ inchesWatercolor and gouache on paperNot Sold
23Fred FellowsSpotlight on Two Champions9 by 7 by 3 inchesBronze Ed. 8/90$600Sold
24Fred FellowsNo Place for the Faint Hearted9 by 7 by 4 inchesBronze Ed. 86/500$840Sold
25Ron StewartRun For It6 by 12 inchesAcrylic on Board$1,200Sold
26Joe GrandeeReady For Action18 by 24 inchesMixed media on illustration board$840Sold
27John Paul StrainThe Repeating Rifle9 ½ by 14 inchesGouache on Paper$1,353Sold
28Kim MackeyDiablo Canyon11 by 14 inchesOil on LinenNot Sold
29William SchenckBill and Slink18 ½ x 24 ½ inchesColored Ink on Paper$600Sold
30James BorenJanuary Morning13 by 19 inchesWatercolor on PaperNot Sold
31Marjorie ReedAction at Sunset9 by 12 inchesOil on Board$1,320Sold
32Mark SwansonCowboys Wrestling a Calf8 by 10 inchesOil on PanelNot Sold
33Dave PowellFour Up5 by 7 inchesWatercolor on Paper$600Sold
34James BorenTrain Station8 by 12 inchesWatercolorNot Sold
35Robert WagonerPonies in the Snow16 by 23 inchesGouache on Paper$800Sold
36Joseph Stephen BohlerLunch Is Served19 by 24 inchesWatercolor on paper$840Sold
37James BorenBarn with Silo7 ½ by 11 inchesWatercolor on Paper$492Sold
38Harry AndersonHome to Annie21 ½ by 29 inchesPastel and Gouache on Paper$2,000Sold Post Sale
39Chuck RenPursued24 by 36 inchesOil on canvasNot Sold
40Edward James FraughtonBog Rider19 by 33 by 22 inchesBronze Ed. 29/30$11,000Sold Post Sale
41Tom DorrThirsty24 by 18 inchesOil on Canvas$2,000Sold Post Sale
42Jack Jr. BryantOn the Run20 ½ by 40 by 14 ¾ inchesBronze Ed. 12/20$600Sold
43Gary Lynn RobertsMilk Maid28 by 40 inchesOil on Linen$2,400Sold Post Sale
44Gerry MetzAfter the Trade20 by 30 inchesOil on boardNot Sold
45Joe Rader RobertsSupply Wagon12 by 16 inchesOil on Canvas$240Sold
46George B MarksOdd Man Out8½ by 13 inchesPencil$600Sold
47Dave PowellHat Creek Hand5 ½ by 5 inchesWatercolor on Paper$480Sold
48Ron StewartThe Workforce15 by 20 inchesAcrylic on Linen$540Sold
49Joe AbbresciaCamino Real11 by 15 inchesOil on Panel$1,230Sold
50William MoyersHow Riders are Made.8 ½ by 7 ¼ by 3 ¾ inchesBronze Ed. 6/40$300Sold
51Ken PayneThrough Chisholm's Tracks12 by 11 ½ by 6 inchesBronze Polychrome Ed. 55/75$615Sold
52Ron StewartNight Stage24 by 30 inchesOil on Canvas$1,800Sold
53Suzanne BakerDesert Cloud Shadows26 x 30 inchesOil on Canvas$615Sold
54Gerald McCannThe Drifter20 by 30 inchesOil on Board$840Sold
55Tom SaubertHerald the Morning9 by 12 inchesOil on Panel$720Sold
56John DeMottMountain Man36 by 24 inchesOil on panelMake Offer (estimate: $5,000 to $7,000)Available
57Paul CalleAmong the Aspen14 by 11 inchesPencil on PaperMake Offer (estimate: $2,500 to $3,500)Available
58Mark SwansonGathering Storm40 by 30 inchesOil on Canvas$2,160Sold
59Clark HulingsArroyo Chamisa, Santa Fe24 by 36 inchesOil on Canvas$24,000Sold Post Sale
60Earl CarpenterAngel's Gate24 by 48 inchesOil on BoardNot Sold
61Gordon BrownEvening in the Forest36 by 48 inchesOil on Board$3,600Sold
62Morris RippelOaxaca Traditions16 by 26 inchesWatercolorNot Sold
63Elias RiveraWoman with Orange Dress20 by 16 inchesOil on LinenNot Sold
64Clarence McGrathLabrador17 by 13 inchesOil on PanelNot Sold
65Vaughn ShoemakerThe Babysitter, Guanajuato, Mexico10 ½ by 13 ½ inchesOil on panel$600Sold
66Gary NiblettTarahumara Woman and Child15 ½ by 11 ½ inchesOil on linenNot Sold
67Mary RussellOf Sun and Clay24 by 30 inchesOil on panel$1,080Sold
68Romel De La TorreOranges and Silver20 by 16 inchesOil on linenNot Sold
69Buck McCainQuiet Time14 by 11 inchesOil on Panel$1,500Sold
70C. EnglishAncient Inspiration6 by 12 inchesOil on Panel$480Sold
71Ray SwansonThe Old Ford Truck11 by 15 inchesAcrylic on Panel$960Sold Post Sale
72Ray SwansonWinters Cold18 by 23 ½ inchesAcrylic on PanelNot Sold
73John MoyersPrairie Erosion12 by 12 inchesOil on Canvas boardNot Sold
74Ray SwansonTetons18 by 24 inchesOil on Canvas$1,200Sold
75Bill HughesAfter the Storm26 by 37 inchesOil on LinenNot Sold
76Michael ColemanAutumn Landscape20 by 30 inchesOil on panel$3,240Sold
77Tom HillDesert Canteen22 by 31 inchesWatercolor on Paper$420Sold
78Dalhart WindbergMountaintop Landscape12 by 15 ½ inchesOil on canvas$1,440Sold
79Mike HambyListen To The Spirit44½ by 21¾ by 7½ inchesBronze Ed. 38/45$1,230Sold
80William WhitakerAbsaroke31 by 24 inchesConte on Paper$600Sold
81Gerry MetzThe Buffalo Hunters40 by 60 inchesOil on boardNot Sold
82Tracy Beeler BrinkmanMoon Flower10 by 4 ¼ by 8 ¼ inchesBronze Ed. 22/35$600Sold
83John MoyersThe Peace Medal26 by 19½ inchesInk and watercolor on paper$2,500Sold Post Sale
84Carl KaubaAmerika16 by 9 by 8 inchesBronze$5,000Sold Post Sale
85John DeMottDefiant36 by 24 inchesOil on panelMake Offer (estimate: $5,000 to $7,000)Available
86John DeMottPortrait of a Native American Woman50 by 40 inchesOil on boardNot Sold
87Lawrence LeeMidnight Red48 by 36 inchesOil on Canvas$4,800Sold
88Bemic Nelson (BN) YellowmanWatching the Smoke Rise24 by 48 inchesAcrylic on Canvas$3,120Sold
89Bemic Nelson (BN) YellowmanThe Keepers48 by 60 inchesAcrylic on Canvas$9,225Sold
90J.D. ChallengerWhirlwind Horse64 x 64 inchesAcrylic on Canvas$6,600Sold
91J.D. ChallengerCrow Foot50 by 48 inchesAcrylic on Canvas$6,000Sold Post Sale
92Allan HouserSmall Mother and Child3½ by 3 by 3¾ inchesBronze Ed. 12/40$1,080Sold
93Doug HydeCarving of Woman3½ by 3½ by 3 inchesStone$600Sold
94Gerry MetzIndian Girl20 by 16 inchesWatercolor on illustration boardNot Sold
95Joni FalkAcoma Canteen5 by 7 inchesWatercolor on paperNot Sold
96 Unknown ArtistNavajo Sand Cast Silver Belt Buckle3 ¼ by 4 by ¼ inchesSilver$480Sold
97Doug HydeMandan3½ by 3 by ¾ inchesSterling SilverNot Sold
98Tony EubanksFatima12 by 10 inchesOil on Canvas$1,440Sold
99Thomas A. De DeckerNative American Encampment - Crow People12 by 17 inchesOil on Panel$492Sold
100Gary KappEnd of Summer12 by 16 inchesOil on board$960Sold
101Ron StewartTime for Caution6 by 12 inchesGouache on Board$840Sold
102Walt HortonFeathered Friends15½ by 8½ by 8 inchesBronze, Ed. 14/100$360Sold
103Thomas A. De DeckerFarewell to a Husband and a Warrior12 by 9 inchesOil on Panel$600Sold
104Joni FalkBeyond the Aspens14 by 23 inchesOil on paper$1,320Sold
105Ron StewartQuiet Passage14 by 22 inchesOil on Linen$369Sold
106Ron StewartCold Fire Leaves Cold Trails10 by 13 inchesGouache on Board$360Sold
107Heinie HartwigIndian Encampment6 by 12 inchesOil on Panel$492Sold
108Gene SpeckLone Camp8 by 10 inchesOil on Panel$960Sold
109Gary KappGranite Fortress12 by 16 inchesOil on board$1,080Sold
110Ron StewartFollowing the Stream12 by 9 inchesOil on Canvas$960Sold
111Gregory SumidaSky Poameah11 by 7 ½ inchesGouache on Board$492Sold
112Dave PowellHis Medicine5 by 7 inchesWatercolor$720Sold
113Ron StewartAlong the Stream10 by 13 inchesGouache on Board$720Sold
114Gene SpeckFireside Break6 ½ by 8 ½ inchesOil on Panel$840Sold
115Douglas RicksTeepee on Pond12 by 16 inchesOil on Panel$720Sold
116G. HarveyRanch Hands6½ by 6 inchesGouache$1,230Sold
117Joe BeelerCowboy10 x 9 inchesPencil on Paper$480Sold
118Byron WolfeGunfighter10 by 8 inchesWatercolor on Paper$492Sold
119Veryl GoodnightBefore the Storm18 by 11½ by 9¼ inchesBronze Ed. 9/30$1,500Sold Post Sale
120Steven LangNow That's Sculpturin'24 by 20 inchesOil on Canvas$1,440Sold
121Bruce GreeneLittle Joe the Wrangler17 by 18 by 12 inchesBronze and Oil Paint on Base Ed. 1/10$1,200Sold Post Sale
122Michael ColemanEnd of Winter6 by 10 inchesGouache on PaperNot Sold
123Michael ColemanAutumn Sunset20 by 30 inchesOil on panel$2,150Sold Post Sale
124Thomas A. De DeckerIndian Scene30 by 36 inchesOil on Panel$1,200Sold
125Nicholas FirfiresWhen Tracks Don’t Tell18 by 36 inchesOil on canvas$2,200Sold Post Sale
126William WhitakerKaren37 by 21 inchesConte on Paper$840Sold
127Doug HydePipe Bag Song28 by 15 by 13 inchesStoneNot Sold
128Doug HydeCaptive Warrior14 by 8 by 6 inchesStone$1,680Sold
129Ned JacobHuichol Study of Jesus Maria Nayarit25 by 14 inchesCharcoal on Paper$1,080Sold
130Bruce GreeneBurden of Winter32 by 16 by 14 inchesBronze and Oil Painting on Bronze Ed. 1/10$1,440Sold
131Gerry MetzMystic Warrior30 by 20 inchesWatercolor on illustration boardNot Sold
132Henry C. BalinkFlower Grass6 ¾ by 4 ¾ inchesEtching$1,140Sold
133William Herbert DuntonOn the Great Plains Prong Horn Antelope, 193214 by 11 inchesLithograph on Paper$1,800Sold
134Ernest Martin HenningsTwins6½ by 7 inchesEtching$480Sold
135George de Forest BrushThe Silence Broken, Early 20th Century12 by 8 inchesPhotogravureNot Sold
136Elbridge Ayer BurbankZia Indian Village3 by 5 ½ inchesOil on Panel$780Sold
137Eda Elisabeth SterchiIndian Portrait13 ½ by 10 ½ inchesMixed Media$480Sold
138Nathan Youngblood and Chris TarpleyGlass Work17 by 15 by 15 inchesBlown GlassNot Sold
139Albert SchmidtAcequia in Spring20 by 30 inchesOil on Canvasboard$2,760Sold
140Luke FrazierA Stretch of the Coeur d'Alene24 by 36 inchesOil on Masonite$1,680Sold
141A.P. BakerBird Dogs9 by 18 by 7 inchesBronze, Ed. 1/30$1,680Sold
142Trevor SwansonSilent Across The Desert16 by 16 inchesOil on Canvas$1,800Sold
143Kent UllbergWaterplay10 ¼ by 7 by 3 inchesBronze Ed. 29/100Not Sold
144Mike HambyCowboy's Day Off50½ by 27 by 18 inchesBronze Ed. 8/45$1,353Sold
145Terri Kelly MoyersPlaying Foxes32 by 45 inchesOil on Canvas$7,800Sold
146Dennis P. AndersonWF8 Weight22 by 18 inchesAcrylic on Panel$1,080Sold
147Jim WilcoxElk Refuge Butte16 by 20 inchesOil on board$720Sold
148Vic PayneSeptember Morning28 ½ by 44 by 14 inchesBronze Ed. 42/50$2,460Sold
149Ray SwansonJenny Lake Tetons4 by 6 inchesWatercolor$1,140Sold
150Phil StarkeReflections, Sabino Canyon20 by 24 inchesOil on linen$615Sold
151Charles H. ReynoldsRed Rocks18 by 24 inchesOil on Linen$1,440Sold
152Rod GoebelOrange Sunset20 x 24 inchesOil on Canvas$1,200Sold
153Frank GervasiMountain Scene with Geyser9 by 12 inchesOil on Linen on Board$750Sold Post Sale
154Rod GoebelEvening Light14 by 26 inchesOil on Canvas$1,200Sold
155Gerald J. FritzlerSilverton, 19939 by 14 inchesWatercolor on PaperNot Sold
156Gerald J. FritzlerOctober in Taos, 19868 ½ by 13 inchesWatercolor on PaperNot Sold
157Julian OnderdonkSummer Afternoon6 by 9 inchesOil on Board$4,800Sold
158Rolla TaylorGuilbean House12 by 16 inchesOil on CanvasboardNot Sold
159Arthur J. HammondRed Mountains, Arizona31 by 36 inchesOil on PlywoodNot Sold
160Leona TurnerPyramid Mountain, Colorado30 by 40 inchesOil on Linen$3,000Sold Post Sale
161Loren EntzMountain Valley Landscape11 by 14 inchesOil on PanelNot Sold
162Norman RockwellSchool Days, Suite of Four Signed Color Lithographs25 ½ by 19 ¾ inchesLithograph, Ed. 87/200$2,091Sold
163Norman RockwellWindow Washer25½ by 19¾ inchesLithograph, Ed. 28/200$1,080Sold
164Norman RockwellPoor Richard's Almanac, Suite of Seven Signed Color Lithographs25 ½ by 19 ¾ inchesColor Lithograph, Ed. 128/200$2,214Sold
165Norman RockwellGirl Playing Dress-up25½ by 19¾ inchesLithograph, Ed. 196/200$738Sold
166Norman RockwellFrontier Circus Break19¾ by 25½ inchesLithograph, Ed. 180/200$780Sold
167Joni FalkWarrior Kachina, Hopi6 ½ by 4 ½ inchesOil on Panel$300Sold
168Allan HouserSmall Standing Figure4¼ by 1¾ by 1 inchesBronze Ed. 95/100$1,320Sold
169Joni FalkSnow Shadows5 by 7 inchesOil on panel$431Sold
170Joni FalkKiva at San Ildefanso6 ½ by 4 ½ inchesOil on panel$400Sold Post Sale
171C. EnglishTonto Bowls9 by 12 inchesOil on Panel$810Sold Post Sale
172Olaf WieghorstMexican Casita10 ¾ by 7 ¾ inchesPen and Ink on Paper$960Sold
173Jimmy DyerSeason of the Harvest, 198618 by 14 inchesOil on Panel$720Sold
174Cyrus AfsaryFall in Carefree6 by 8 inchesOil on Canvas$1,440Sold
175Roy KerswillJenny Lake Tetons29 by 24 inchesOil on Canvas$1,200Sold
176Robert DeLeonMorning Mist, 200024 by 18 inchesOil on Masonite Board$480Sold
177Charles PabstHaunted Canyon36 by 24 inchesOil on canvas$1,845Sold
178Rod GoebelHigh Country Mountains30 x 24 inchesOil on Canvas$960Sold
179Michael StackDay's End, Sonita Creek12 by 16 inchesOil on Canvas$1,200Sold
180Hugo David (H.D.) PohlMexican Home - Santa Cruz, NM8 by 13 inchesOil on Panel$1,680Sold
181Jimmy DyerWinter in High Country10 by 12 inchesOil on panel$800Sold Post Sale
182Michael ColemanOn North Fork - Trout Pool14 by 20 inchesOil on panelNot Sold
183Joe AbbresciaFrom a Scene I Saw in Glacier National Park11 by 14 inchesOil on Masonite$240Sold
184Jimmy DyerFall Aspens12 by 16 inchesOil on PanelNot Sold
185George PhippenPalamino Horse Head Portrait6 by 6 inchesAcrylic on Paper$600Sold
186Grant SpeedA Couple Days Off14 by 22 by 4½ inchesBronze Ed. 18/30$1,845Sold
187Loren EntzSleepyhead12 by 18 inchesCharcoal on paperMake Offer (estimate: $1,000 to $2,000)Available
188William MoyersPair of Jacks5 ¾ by 4 ½ by 4 ¼ inchesBronze Ed. 6/40$720Sold
189Tim CherryFlat Fawn4 by 15 by 7 inchesBronze 8/18$1,440Sold
190Alexander Phimister ProctorFawn6 ¼ by 8 by 2 ½ inchesBronze Ed. 15/26$750Sold Post Sale
191Kent UllbergWildebeest9 by 12 by 3 ¾ inchesBronze Ed. 2/15Make Offer (estimate: $1,000 to $2,000)Available
192Tim CherrySwan Egg8 ¼ by 11 ¼ by 6 ½ inchesBronze Ed. 4/18$2,760Sold
193Clark Everice BronsonRunning Elk11 ½ by 10 ¾ inchesWatercolor on Paper$840Sold
194Trevor SwansonAntelope Herd20 by 30 inchesOil on Canvas$1,476Sold
195Travis KeeseTurkey in the Bluebonnets24 by 30 inchesOil on canvas$720Sold
196Jim MorganDucks in Flight5 by 9 inchesWatercolor on Paper$615Sold
197George DickCanadians20 by 24 inchesOil on Board$1,320Sold
198Trevor SwansonGambels Trio16 by 20 inchesOil on Canvas$1,800Sold
199Harold Von SchmidtMutton Round-Up24 by 40 inchesOil on canvas$1,560Sold
200Olaf WieghorstPlains Indian10 ¼ by 8 ¼ inchesOil on Masonite$3,200Sold
201Olaf WieghorstPlains War Chief11 by 14 inchesGraphiteNot Sold
202Olaf WieghorstA Ride in the Desert5 by 7 inchesPen and Ink on Paper$1,200Sold
203Byron WolfeSmoke in the Sky12 by 9 inchesWatercolor on PaperNot Sold
204Byron WolfeRobe Signal for Buffalo Sighted12 by 9 inchesWatercolor on PaperNot Sold
204aShawn CameronThe Dust of Wilaha30 by 40 inchesOil on BoardNot Sold
205Jerry VendittiGateway to Acoma59 ½ by 47 ½ inchesOil on canvasNot Sold
206Donald CrowleyThe Spectators12 by 9 inchesOil on Canvas$3,000Sold
207Tony EubanksThe Blue Door15 by 12 inchesOil on Canvas$2,160Sold
208Chris NavarroSo That's a Duck19 by 23 ½ by 26 inchesBronze Ed. 11/36$4,200Sold
209Walter GonskeLate August on the Rio Pueblo16 by 20 inchesOil on Linen$2,040Sold
210Kenneth BunnCoyote11 by 4 by 5 inchesBronze$2,280Sold
211Tom BeechamMoose21 by 42 inchesOil on LinenNot Sold
212Ron StakerDistant Thunder22 by 28 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
213Jonathan BronsonAerial Display57 by 18 by 18 inchesBronze Ed. 8/24Not Sold
214Craig TennantSurvivors20 by 30 inchesOil on Canvas$6,000Sold
215Scott RogersWe Fought Through Boggy Ground17 ½ by 40 by 13 inchesBronze Ed. 11/30Not Sold
216Gerald McCannThe Outlaws20 by 30 inchesOil on Masonite$840Sold
217Robert SummersJohn Wayne, An American Legend34 by 13 by 13 inchesBronze Ed. 10/20$9,600Sold
218Harry JacksonPony Express Bust11 by 7 ½ by 7 ½ inchesBronze Polychrome Ed. 39/160$12,000Sold
219Roy AndersenWhen Wolves Sing26 by 36 inchesOil on Canvas$24,000Sold
220Cyrus AfsaryDusty Ride24 x 30 inchesOil on canvas$24,000Sold
221William AcheffPlains Rattle14 x 8 inchesOil on Linen$13,800Sold
222Robert GriffingIndian Head Sketch13 by 11 inchesConte Crayon on Paper$2,880Sold
223Tucker SmithBuffalo at Split Rock10 by 20 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
224Douglas AllenMule Deer24 by 18 inchesOil on panel$2,400Sold
225Douglas AllenJaguar24 by 18 inchesOil on panel$4,320Sold
226David ShepherdBull Elephant8 by 12 inchesOil on Linen$10,800Sold
227Bob KuhnRaptors.7 ½ by 10 ½ inchesAcrylic$4,800Sold
228Anna Hyatt HuntingtonDescending Panther6 ½ by 4 ¾ by 3 inchesBronzeNot Sold
229G. HarveyAn Evening in August4 by 12 inchesOil on Board$3,600Sold
230Dan GerhartzMoraine Park - Backlight24 by 30 inchesOil on linenNot Sold
231Mian SituAfternoon Reflections12 by 16 inchesOil on canvasNot Sold
232Damien GonzalesIn the Shadow of Mummy Cave24 by 32 inchesOil on Mounted Linen$6,000Sold Post Sale
233Clyde ScottIndian Cliff Dwellings30 by 24 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
234Matt SmithYuccas in Snow10 by 8 inchesOil on Linen Board$1,680Sold
235David MannPrairie Warrior24 by 18 inchesOil on Canvas$4,800Sold
236Harley BrownGrand Chief20 by 16 inchesPastel on Paper$6,000Sold Post Sale
237Kyle PolzinLone Scout34 by 35 inchesOil on Canvas$43,200Sold
238Dan BodelsonMidday Sun30 by 48 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
239Ramon KelleyLooking Cloud Sioux23 ½ by 18 ½ inchesPastelNot Sold
240John Paul StrainLengthening Shadows10 ½ by 6 ½ inchesGouache on Board$1,230Sold
241Ralph WallMist on the River24 by 36 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
242Gene SpeckMountain Valley18 by 24 inchesOil on Panel$4,000Sold
243R. Brownell McGrewOn the Move40 by 30 inchesOil on Panel$84,000Sold
244Kenneth RileyAncestors50 by 40 inchesOil on Canvas$108,000Sold
245Ernest Martin HenningsSunlit Aspens20 by 20 inchesOil on Canvas$192,000Sold
246Ernest Martin HenningsOur Shepherd30 by 25 inchesOil on LinenNot Sold
247Ernest Martin HenningsWoman in the Town Square30 by 30 inchesOil on LinenNot Sold
248William Robinson LeighIndian Child18 by 15 inchesOil on canvas$18,000Sold
249Joseph FleckRosita10 ¼ by 11 ½ inchesOil on Board$7,800Sold
249aWilliam Herbert DuntonThe Pursuers39 by 26 inchesOil on canvas$379,700Sold
250Olaf SeltzerSeltzer Collection - (7) Watercolors, (20) Pen and Ink Drawings, & Manuscript and Rights to PublNot Sold
251Nick EggenhoferThe Last Mile (Cody, Wyoming)18 by 28 inchesGouache on PaperNot Sold
252Nick EggenhoferCavalry Escort15 by 25 inchesGouache on PaperNot Sold
253Ed KuceraDown by the Waterline24 by 30 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
254Gary CarterBig Step14 by 22 inchesOil on LinenNot Sold
255Joe BeelerThe War Party.24 by 36 inchesOil on LinenNot Sold
256Glenna GoodacrePueblo Girl11 by 7 inchesBronze Ed. 15/30$1,200Sold
257Donald CrowleyPaiute Elegance12 by 9 inchesPencil on PaperMake Offer (estimate: $2,500 to $3,500)Available
258Bob KuhnHigh Spirits.24 by 32 inchesAcrylic on Masonite Panel$37,500Sold Post Sale
259Clyde AspevigSouthwestern Landscape30 by 60 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
260Cyrus AfsarySpring Awakening24 by 36 inchesOil on LinenNot Sold
261Karl ThomasSunrise on the South Rim30 by 40 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
262Michael ColemanCanyon Cascade31 1/2 by 25 inchesOil on panelNot Sold
263Gil DellingerA Sublime Turning to Autumn36 by 48 inchesAcrylic on PanelMake Offer (estimate: $12,000 to $14,000)Available
264Jie-Wei ZhouCostumed Lady40 by 30 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
265Jie-Wei ZhouThe Parasol40 by 30 inchesOil on Canvas$13,200Sold
266Jie-Wei ZhouBoy in Hat24 by 20 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
267Jie-Wei ZhouGrandmother and Grandchild40 by 30 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
268Jie-Wei ZhouBallet Dancer40 by 30 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
269Jie-Wei ZhouLanterns at Canal16 by 12 inchesOil on Panel$1,800Sold Post Sale
270Gary Ernest SmithAfternoon in the Strawberry Patch40 by 30 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
271Bernard De HoogMorning Meal30 by 23 ½ inchesOil on Canvas$6,600Sold
272Guy WigginsLower Broadway in Winter17 by 14 inchesOil on Panel$24,000Sold Post Sale
273Redmond WrightParis in the Roaring 1920s29 by 22 inchesOil on Linen$1,320Sold
274John MoyersUte Woman16 by 12 inchesOil on Canvas$960Sold
275Stan DavisLost Puppy8 by 10 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
276Glenna GoodacreSacagawea Study7 ¼ by 7 ¼ inchesBronze Ed. 90/100$4,200Sold
277Glenna GoodacreThe Offering7 by 2 ½ by 2 ½ inchesBronze Ed. 30/2000$660Sold
278Ray SwansonNavajo Grandmother24 by 36 inchesOil on Canvas$8,610Sold
279Alfredo RodriguezJustin and His Puppy9 by 12 inchesGouache on Board$1,200Sold
280Robert SummersAutumn Beauty22 by 18 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
281Tom BrowningCuttin' the Herd24 by 38 inchesOil on CanvasMake Offer (estimate: $22,000 to $28,000)Available
282G. HarveyNew Land.20 by 24 inchesOil on Linen$31,200Sold
283Bill OwenThe Ploy28 by 20 inchesOil on Canvas$26,400Sold
284Bruce GreeneHorses30 by 36 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
285Robert ScriverNo Meat5 ½ by 9 ¼ by 4 ½ inchesBronze Ed. 28/30$750Sold Post Sale
286Kent UllbergCougar10 by 8 ½ by 5 ¾ inchesBronze Ed. 9/9Make Offer (estimate: $1,500 to $3,000)Available
287Edward SchiwetzSouvenir of Boerne15 by 20 inchesPastel and Watercolor on Board$7,560Sold
288Arch D. ShawThe World is Waiting24 by 32 inchesOil on Linen$3,720Sold
289George HallmarkSchool's Out24 by 36 inchesOil on Board$1,560Sold
290William AcheffStrike a Lite11 x 8 inchesOil on canvas$7,000Sold Post Sale
291 Maria Martinez & Santana DPlate12 by 12 inchesClayMake Offer (estimate: $4,000 to $5,000)Available
292Doug HydeCorn Maiden.16 by 14 by 12 inchesStone$3,900Sold
293Ray RobertsMesa Morning40 by 30 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
294Doug HydeThird Mesa Basket11 ½ by 4 by 2 ½ inchesBronze Ed. 15/21$1,800Sold Post Sale
295Doug HydeLaguna Potter18 ½ by 7 by 11 inchesBronze Ed. 6/21Not Sold
296Ray RobertsNavajo24 by 18 inchesOil on Panel$1,560Sold
297Martin GrelleGoing Courtin'10 by 14 inchesOil on Linen$4,200Sold
298Wayne JustusThe Trap is Laid16 by 20 inchesOil on Masonite$4,440Sold
299Grant SpeedDodgin' Kicks and Hangin' On16 by 14 by 13 inchesBronze Ed. AC/30Not Sold
300Gary NiblettDistant Horizons24 by 36 inchesOil on BoardNot Sold
301Gary Ernest SmithCattle with Fence48 by 78 inchesOil on Canvas$9,000Sold
302Thomas KinkadeEvening's Glow16 by 20 inchesOil on Panel$9,840Sold
303Nicholas ColemanCheyenne Camp16 by 12 inchesOil on Canvasboard$2,700Sold Post Sale
304Glenna GoodacreRobbin' the Nest14 by 10 by 5 inchesBronze Ed. 13/25Not Sold
305Glenna GoodacreDollar Coin Design7 ¾ inchesBronze Ed. 19/200$1,200Sold
306Robert DuncanWhen Meat Gets Scarce24 by 36 inchesOil on Masonite$6,000Sold
307John ColemanNavajo Dance20 ½ by 7 ¼ by 7 inchesBronze Ed. 19/35$2,880Sold
308Joe BeelerChief Goes to Washington19 by 15 ½ by 16 inchesBronze Ed. 8/33$17,400Sold
309Joe BeelerSighting the Camp12 by 16 inchesOil on Masonite$17,400Sold
310Robert GriffingOff the Beaten Path36 by 30 inchesOil on Canvas$50,400Sold
311Jim CarsonThe Army of Don Jose Doroteo Francisco (Pancho) Villa35 ¾ by 48 inchesOil on CanvasMake Offer (estimate: $14,000 to $16,000)Available
312Joe BeelerEl Jefe14 by 12 by 5 inchesBronze Ed. 14/30$4,080Sold
313Brad SchmehlMosby's Prize24 by 48 inchesOil on Canvas$13,000Sold
314Ray SwansonShearing the Churro Sheep50 by 60 inchesOil on Canvas$56,400Sold Post Sale
315Jim C. NortonCrossing on Current Creek22 by 32 inchesOil on Canvas$16,000Sold Post Sale
316Robert ScriverThe Lookout7 by 9 by 6 ½ inchesBronze Ed. 29/30$960Sold
317Oreland C. Joe, Sr.Chief Standing Bear15 ¾ by 5 by 8 inchesPolymer Ed. 4/100Not Sold
318Olaf WieghorstCanyon Camp24 by 30 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
319Martin GrelleFirst Watch40 by 30 inchesAcrylic on Linen$62,400Sold
320Z.S. LiangBark House Making50 by 32 inchesOil on Linen$32,400Sold
321Doug HallThe Painted Horse36 by 48 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
322Brad SchmehlMythic Warrior30 by 24 inchesOil on LinenNot Sold
323Ron RiddickOne Last Cup56 by 30 inchesOil on canvas$27,600Sold Post Sale
324Melvin WarrenThe Prize14 by 20 inchesOil on LinenNot Sold
325Joe BeelerFirst Snow, 198031 by 49 inchesOil on Canvas$33,600Sold
326Z.S. LiangCrow Sentry42 by 30 inchesOil on Canvas$34,000Sold Post Sale
327Fred FellowsThe Warm Days of Spring20 by 30 inchesOil on MasoniteNot Sold
328Stan DavisThe Ambush30 by 24 inchesOil on Canvas$7,800Sold
329Grant SpeedRidin' A Rank One37 by 27 by 12 inchesBronze Ed. AC 2/30$9,600Sold
330Grant SpeedFollowin' the Bell Mare21 by 43 by 8 inchesBronzeNot Sold
331Karin HollebekeTelling Off the Riders26 by 38 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
332Jack HinesRiver Passage18 by 36 inchesOil on Panel$2,640Sold
333Terri Kelly MoyersRed Roses48 by 30 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
334Robert CoombsBlack Satin14 ½ by 9 ½ inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
335Steve HanksFirst Light13 by 19 inchesWatercolor on PaperNot Sold
336Mian SituBalloon Merchant, San Francisco42 by 36 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
337Ray SwansonMarket40 by 48 inchesOil on Canvas$24,000Sold
338Elmer BooneOak Creek Canyon, Sedona24 by 30 inchesOil on Masonite PanelNot Sold
339Clark HulingsFront Yard Lounge16 by 24 inchesOil on Canvas$25,200Sold
340Morris RippelFlight of Canvas16 by 26 inchesEgg Tempera on PanelNot Sold
341Olaf WieghorstOut of the Chute13 by 19 inchesWatercolor on BoardNot Sold
342Grant SpeedThe Lone Defender13 ½ by 11 by 7 inchesBronze Ed. 29/30$4,000Sold Post Sale
343Grant SpeedIn a Dangerous Spot29 by 11 ½ by 15 ½ inchesBronze Ed. 2/30$3,000Sold
344Harry JacksonPony Express III.8 by 10 ½ by 4 inchesBronze$3,000Sold
345Kenneth RileyLeading the Pack8 by 10 inchesOil on Masonite$6,600Sold
346Donald PrechtelTom Horn16 by 12 inchesOil on Panel$1,560Sold
347Ron StewartNew Wealth36 by 24 inchesWatercolor on paperSold Post Sale
348James ReynoldsMoab Pass30 by 34 inchesOil on linenMake Offer (estimate: $25,000 to $35,000)Available
349Wilson HurleyTetons11 ¾ by 17 ¼ inchesOil on Panel$4,200Sold Post Sale
350Gerard Curtis DelanoClouds Over Kremmling22 by 28 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
351Walter BambrookSandia Mountains40 by 48 inchesOil on Linen$3,000Sold Post Sale
352Robert PummillOnce There Were Many30 by 40 inchesOil on Linen$7,200Sold
353Bill NebekerLeaving a Legacy20 by 11 by 8 inchesBronze Ed. 22/25$3,720Sold
354Chuck RenThe Prophet20 by 13 inchesAcrylic on Panel$4,680Sold
355Jim C. NortonWhispers in the Wind24 by 29 inchesOil on Canvas$20,400Sold
356Jim C. NortonThe Wild Bunch.12 by 16 inchesOil on MasoniteNot Sold
357Louis Benton AkinGrand Canyon 190425 x 14 inchesOil on Linen$7,560Sold
358Charles Partridge AdamsMatterhorn24 x 20 inchesOil on LinenMake Offer (estimate: $7,000 - $11,000)Available
359Henry C. BalinkSanto Domingo Indian10 by 12 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
360Henry C. BalinkTesuque Pueblo Girl10 by 12 inchesOil on LinenNot Sold
361Kathryn Woodman LeightonIndian Portrait39 ½ by 29 ½ inchesOil on Canvas$2,400Sold
362William Weaver (W.W) ArmstrongCanadian Rockies36 by 64 inchesOil on LinenNot Sold
363Joseph Henry SharpJerry Mirabel19 ½ by 15 ½ inchesOil on boardNot Sold
364Harvey JohnsonGrub and Gab.20 by 30 inchesOil on Panel$4,200Sold
365Harvey JohnsonThe Connecticut Kid20 by 10 inchesOil on BoardMake Offer (estimate: $3,500 to $5,000)Available
366John FawcettThe Graveyard Shift11 by 14 inchesOil on Board$2,160Sold Post Sale
367Kim MackeyWinter's Long Goodbye12 by 16 inchesOil on Masonite$1,400Sold Post Sale
368Joyce LeeCowboy from Switchback Ranch16 by 20 inchesOil on Linen$1,200Sold
369Tom DorrWelcome Drink24 by 30 inchesOil on canvas$923Sold
370Fred FellowsEarly Hunt10 by 14 inchesOil on Masonite$900Sold
371Donald PrechtelGoing to the Sun16 by 12 inchesOil on Panel$1,440Sold
372John ColemanSon of Black Moccasin18 by 14 inchesCharcoal on Paper$7,320Sold
373Cyrus AfsaryIn the Pine Forest12 x 9 inchesOil on canvas$8,400Sold
374Fred FellowsLand and Sky Enough24 by 48 inchesOil on linen$4,200Sold
375Xiang ZhangHolding Tight25 by 32 inchesOil on LinenMake Offer (estimate: $7,000 to $9,000)Available
376Clark Kelley PriceChow & Chatter at the Line Camp24 by 30 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
377Gary NiblettTrail Boss9 by 12 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
378Mehl LawsonVaquero Country9½ by 8 by 4 ½ inchesBronze Ed. 1/50$720Sold
379David HalbachForewarning20 by 29 inchesWatercolor on Paper$9,600Sold
380Nicholas FirfiresThe Nightherder24 by 30 inchesOil on Canvas$3,000Sold
381G. HarveyTexas Hide & Horn30 by 50 inchesOil on Canvas$43,200Sold
382Peter HurdCattle Branding26 by 24 inchesEgg Tempra on Panel$51,600Sold
383Jim ReyOn Guard24 by 36 inchesOil on Linen$1,800Sold
384Karmel TimmonsWizzleberry17 by 19 inchesPencil on BoardNot Sold
385Herb MigneryRearing Rider16 by 10 by 6 inchesBronze Ed. 3/20Not Sold
386Nicholas FirfiresVaqueros of Old California20 by 24 inchesOil on Canvas$1,845Sold
387Bill OwenSpring Round Up18 by 24 inchesOil on Canvas$15,500Sold
388Bill OwenMilo Dewitt21 ½ by 14 ½ inchesGraphite on paper$1,440Sold
389Phil StarkeAspen Grove36 by 39 inchesOil on Canvas$5,400Sold
390Karl ThomasCanyon de Chelly30 by 45 inchesOil on Canvas$4,000Sold
391Conrad SchwieringHighland Fall24 by 36 inchesOil on Canvas on Masonite$10,200Sold
392William C. HookMystical Forest36 by 72 inchesAcrylic on CanvasNot Sold
393Fred FellowsWilderness Heritage24 by 46 inchesOil on Board$9,000Sold Post Sale
394Fred FellowsThe Heavy Concord Coach24 by 36 inchesOil on Linen$2,880Sold
395Steven LangThe Prairie's Gift24 by 36 inchesOil on Canvas$5,520Sold
396Jerry JordanYesterday and Tomorrows30 by 36 inchesOil on Canvas$3,000Sold
397William SchenckBig Bucks and Pickup Trucks70 by 50 ½ inchesOil on Canvas$4,500Sold
398William SchenckAnd She Was Wearing Red Shoes54 by 72 inchesOil on Canvas$3,075Sold
399Nelson BorenMountain Sunrise Boots39 ½ by 56 ½ inchesWatercolor on PaperMake Offer (estimate: $7,000 to $10,000)Available
400Nelson BorenCowboy and Cowgirl Boots59 by 44 inchesWatercolor on Paper$5,400Sold
401Jack TerryLast Bunch24 by 36 inchesOil on Canvas$9,000Sold
402Gary Lynn RobertsCowboy on Horseback in Field12 by 9 inchesOil on Canvas$984Sold
403Joe Rader RobertsDripping Springs, Texas14 by 18 inchesOil on Canvas$1,080Sold
404Leonard ReedyAttack on the Pony Express8 by 11 inchesWatercolor on Paper$1,080Sold
405Oleg StavrowskyTexas Red Dawn25 ½ by 33 ½ inchesOil on Linen$7,200Sold
406John HamptonTo Your Home on the Range9 ¼ by 7 ½ inchesPen and Ink Wash$840Sold
407Lajos MarkosRider24 by 29 inchesOil on LinenNot Sold
408Gene KlossThe Rio Grande at Embudo Ed. 63/757 ½ by 9 inchesEtching$1,000Sold Post Sale
409Gene KlossMidsummer Fiesta.11 ¾ by 15 ¾ inchesEtching$1,200Sold Post Sale
410Luigi KasimirSanta Fe NM #1 (San Jose Mission Church, Laguna Pueblo)12 by 10 ½ inchesAquatint and Drypoint$1,050Sold Post Sale
411Ernest Martin HenningsStringing the Bow.8 by 9 ¾ inchesEtching on Paper$600Sold
412George Elbert BurrSpringtime - Paradise Valley - Arizona12 by 10 inchesEtching$480Sold
413Gustave BaumannCedar - Grand Canyon14 by 14 inchesWoodblock Print on Paper$4,920Sold
414Edward BoreinUmatilla Horse Dance6 by 9 ½ inchesEtching and DrypointNot Sold
415Edward BoreinThe Church at Acoma8 ½ by 12 ½ inchesEtching and Drypoint$1,200Sold Post Sale
416Edward BoreinSioux Chief8 ½ by 12 ½ inchesEtching and Drypoint$1,080Sold
417Edward BoreinRobes and Meat6 ½ by 9 ½ inchesEtching and Drypoint$2,091Sold
418Edward BoreinMission San Luis Obispo8 ¼ by 14 ¼ inchesEtching and Drypoint$1,200Sold
419Edward BoreinDividing the Riders6 ¼ by 9 ¼ inchesEtching and Drypoint$1,080Sold
420Edward BoreinUnsaddling A Bronc No. 25 by 4 inchesEtchingNot Sold
421Edward BoreinBlackfoot Woman Moving Camp #14 ½ by 10 inchesEtching and Drypoint$1,080Sold
422Neogrady LaszloStream in a Wooded Landscape at Sunset50 by 40 inchesOil on Canvas$3,936Sold
423Herman MarguliesCoastline30 by 40 inchesPastel on paperMake Offer (estimate: $3,000 to $5,000)Available
424Robert William WoodRadiant Surf16 by 20 inchesOil on Masonite$1,722Sold
425Jim WilcoxLight Streak on the Elk Refuge24 by 48 inchesOil on Board$7,800Sold
426Woody GwynArroyo Madre36 by 84 inchesOil on Canvas$12,000Sold Post Sale
427Marjorie ReedRound Up at Sunset12 by 24 inchesOil on Panel$1,200Sold
428Bob ParksBank Robber14 by 17 ½ by 8 ½ inchesBronze Ed. 4/20$492Sold
429Bob ParksMarlboro Country15 by 33 ½ by 9 ¼ inchesBronze Ed. 1/25$1,230Sold
430Bob ParksAnticipation10 ½ by 12 by 7 ½ inchesBronze Ed. 7/20$492Sold
431Earle E. HeikkaHeading for the High Country13 by 17 by 5 ½ inchesBronze Ed. 5/36$1,200Sold Post Sale
432Shawn CameronStarting the Day12 by 16 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
433Joe Rader RobertsTrading on the Llano Estacado20 by 30 inchesOil on Linen$554Sold
434Wayne BaizePushing Up the Stragglers15 by 28 incesPastel on Toned PaperNot Sold
435Joyce LeeAmerican Icon30 by 20 inchesOil on Linen$3,480Sold
436William Garnet HazardThese are the Prairies21 by 25 inchesOilMake Offer (estimate: $2,000 to $3,000)Available
437Carl HantmanThe Rifleman16 ½ by 14 inchesOil on Paper$1,080Sold
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