Altermann Galleries & Auctioneers

2014 April Auction

April 3, 2014

7505 E McCormick Pkwy, Scottsdale, AZ

1Gene KlossFiesta Parasol, 196914 by 11 inchesEtching on paper, unframed$1,200Sold
2Gene KlossSunlit Cove8 by 6 inchesEtching on Paper$950Sold Post Sale
3Gene KlossPeaks of Paonia.15 by 9 inchesEtching on Paper Ed. 68/75$960Sold
4Gene KlossCeremonial Day at Taos9 by 12 inchesDrypoint on Paper$1,476Sold
5Gene KlossIndian Summer7 by 11 inchesEtching on PaperNot Sold
6Gene KlossWhere Ruby Silver is Found.12 by 15 inchesEtching on Paper Ed. 5/75$1,107Sold
7Howard TerpningThe Force of Nature Humbles All Men.36 by 50 inchesGiclee Printed on Stretched Canvas 213/250$15,990Sold
8Edward Sheriff CurtisVanishing Race12 by 15 inchesPhotogravureNot Sold
9Thomas MoranGrand Canyon of Arizona26 by 35 inchesChromolithograph$1,440Sold
10Dan McCawBeach Study12 by 9 inchesOil on Board$984Sold
11Donald RicksPeonies30 by 40 inchesOil on Linen$4,200Sold
12Loran SpeckApples7 ½ by 15 ½ inchesOil on Panel$1,680Sold
13Loran SpeckLemons5 ½ by 9 ½ inchesOil on Panel$1,560Sold
14Ramon KelleyNude on Red Blanket24 by 36 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
15Richard ThomasRed Robe14 by 11 inchesOil Pastel on PaperNot Sold
16G. HarveyCome On Grandpa16 by 10 by 6 inchesBronze Ed. 26/75$2,040Sold
17William WhitakerIrish9 by 7 inchesOil on Panel$2,400Sold
18Grant MacdonaldQuiet Evening24 by 30 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
19G. HarveyIxtapan Burro10 by 10 by 7 inchesBronze Ed. 3/50$2,760Sold
20Mark KohlerLion Heart12 ½ by 9 inchesWatercolor on PaperMake Offer (estimate: $2,000 to $2,500)Available
21Mark KohlerOld Soul10 ½ by 11 ½ inchesWatercolor on PaperMake Offer (estimate: $2,000 to $2,500)Available
22T.D. KelseyEscape Artists17 by 23 by 17 inchesBronze Ed. 4/15$2,640Sold
23Fred FellowsBeaver Crossing20 by 28 by 10 inchesBronze Ed. 7/50$3,120Sold
24John ModesittThe Trek Upwards23 ½ by 29 ½ inchesOil on LinenNot Sold
25Grant SpeedThe Lone Defender 10/3019 by 9 by 12 inchesBronze Ed. 10/30Not Sold
26Don WellerSipping Cheyenne14 by 18 inchesWatercolor on Paper$3,120Sold
27T.D. KelseySharing the Glory14 by 15 by 8 inchesBronze Ed. 4/15$2,040Sold
28Oreland C. Joe, Sr.Aspen Light8 ¼ by 11 ¼ by 5 ¼ inchesMarble$2,280Sold
29Donald CrowleyThe Butterfly20 by 24 inchesOil on Board$2,040Sold
30Patricia DobsonAcoma Olla7¼ by 12¼ inchesOil on Paper$738Sold
31Fred HarmanNative American Chief12 by 9 inchesConte on PaperNot Sold
32Patricia WarrenStanding Woman Wrapped in Blanket20½ by 7¼ by 5 inchesBronze Ed. 1/7Not Sold
33Ben TurnerHacienda12 by 16 inchesOil on Canvas Panel$2,040Sold
34John NietoSioux Chief Gall24 by 30 inchesOil on Canvas$4,080Sold
35John NietoChief Rain in the Face24 by 20 inchesOil on Canvas$2,640Sold
36Miguel MartinezAdora14 by 11 inchesOil Pastel on Paper$1,968Sold
37Malcolm FurlowBlack Dog20 by 24 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
38Mike LarsenRed Shirt16 by 12 inchesOil on Canvas$1,800Sold
39Doug HydeHarvest Time in Mexico11 by 8 by 10 inchesBronze Ed. 1/21$1,800Sold
40David MannBuffalo Song30 by 24 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
41Oreland C. Joe, Sr.Campfire Songs19 1/2 by 13 1/2 by 7 inchesAlabasterNot Sold
42Harley BrownCharlo Girl17 by 13 inchesPastel on PaperNot Sold
43William Scott JenningsDesert Symphony39 ½ by 47 ½ inchesOil on Canvas$7,800Sold
44Stan DavisScouting the Flank39 ½ by 23 ½ inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
45Harley BrownRegina16 by 12 inchesPastel on Paper$1,920Sold
46Mike LarsenCrane Fetish12 by 9 inchesOil on Canvas$1,020Sold
47Ray SwansonThe Old One with Cane12 by 14 inchesGouache on Board$3,960Sold
48Gary KappCamp on the River Bend20 by 30 inchesOil on Canvas$2,400Sold
49Gary KappIndian Sunset I12 by 16 inchesOil on Panel$2,160Sold
50Harley BrownThe Gypsy20 by 16 inchesPastel on PaperNot Sold
51Glen EdwardsWhite Elk23 ½ by 17 ½ inchesOil on BoardNot Sold
52Tom HaasCrossing Biscuit Flats20 by 24 inchesOil on Canvas$1,500Sold Post Sale
53Mehl LawsonWild Cow Tales14 ½ by 15 by 14 inchesBronze Ed. 8/35$960Sold
54Dennis ZiemienskiDesert Flight20 by 16 inchesOil on Panel$1,353Sold
55Oreland C. Joe, Sr.Rain Talker13 ½ by 9 ½ by 7 inchesPolychrome Bronze Ed. 12/30Not Sold
56Bill NebekerWorth Every Penny7 by 5 by 6 inchesBronze Ed. 32/50$1,560Sold
57Joe FerraraOxen Pulling Wagon in Desert24 by 30 inchesOil on LinenNot Sold
58Nelson BorenMade in Texas57 by 43 inchesWatercolor on PaperNot Sold
59Oleg StavrowskyRelics of the Old West54 by 40 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
60T.D. KelseyGame of Hearts24 by 13 by 15 inchesBronze Ed. 4/15$2,000Sold Post Sale
61William MatthewsNavajo in Canyon at Night43 ½ by 14 inchesWatercolor and acrylic on paper$3,000Sold Post Sale
62Nicholas ColemanThe Tale of the Buffalo20 by 30 inchesOil on BoardNot Sold
63Gary MortonWarm Winter Sun11 ½ by 8 ½ inchesAcrylic on Canvas$1,080Sold
64Don WellerAt the Crest9 by 14 inchesWatercolor$1,200Sold
65Robert SummersTrailblazer II8 by 14 by 7 inchesBronze Ed. 4/100$1,968Sold
66Kim MackeyNight on Pinion Ridge13 ½ by 10 ½ inchesOil on Board$1,722Sold
67Leonard ReedyBlack Stallion8 by 11 inchesWatercolor on Paper$960Sold
68Leonard ReedyOn the Lookout8 by 11 inchesWatercolor on Paper$1,080Sold
69Mark KohlerTop of the World9 ½ by 9 inchesWatercolor on Paper$1,476Sold
70Fred FellowsDealing With the Burden of Wealth12 by 13 by 7 inchesBronze Ed. 7/100$2,640Sold
71Fred FellowsAll in a Day's Work19 by 31 by 10 inchesBronze Ed. 7/50$4,320Sold
72Grant SpeedThere Never Was A Horse That Couldn't Be Rode20 by 15 by 10 inchesBronze Ed. AC/30$2,160Sold
73Don OelzeAn Eagle's Eye11 ¾ by 8 ¾ inchesOil on Canvas$1,440Sold
74Betty SaboAutumn in Vallecitas18 by 24 inchesOil on Panel$2,640Sold
75Michael StackRio Grande Autumn18 by 20 inchesOil on Canvas$3,360Sold
76Barbara Summers EdwardsBlue Beads23 ½ by 17 ¼ inchesOil on Board$2,768Sold
77Ned JacobChicano14 by 11 inchesCharcoal on PaperNot Sold
78Michael ObermeyerFace Rock Overlook10 by 18 inchesOil on Board$861Sold
79Leonard ReedyThe Shootout8 by 11 inchesWatercolor on Paper$1,200Sold
80Leonard ReedyPursued8 by 11 inchesWatercolor on Paper$1,680Sold
81Leonard ReedyCattle7 by 10 inchesWatercolor on Paper$840Sold
82Leonard ReedyLasso8 by 10 inchesWatercolor on Paper$960Sold
83Gustave BaumannEagle Dance6 by 6 inchesWoodblock Print on Paper$1,200Sold
84Mehl LawsonTapadero Saddle4 by 10 by 8 inchesBronze Ed. 125/150$720Sold
85"Kim" Douglas WigginsOne Day At The Taos Pueblo24 by 36 inchesOil on Canvas$5,400Sold
86"Kim" Douglas WigginsFlowers in Moonlight12 by 9 inchesOil on Canvas$1,800Sold
87William Thomas LumpkinsThe Allover18 ½ by 12 inchesWatercolor on Paper$1,800Sold
88William SchenckTwin Buttes10 ½ by 13 ½ inchesOil on Linen$2,040Sold
89"Kim" Douglas WigginsBlack Rain12 by 16 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
90Malcolm FurlowArizona Archer58 by 46 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
91Robert LaDukeCowboy10 by 30 inchesAcrylic on Panel$3,600Sold
92Grant SpeedRidin' a Rank One.35 by 25 by 15 inchesBronze Ed. 4/30$13,800Sold
93Grant SpeedBought 'Em For Two, Sold 'Em For One Ed. 1/3016 by 6.5 by 6 inchesBronzeNot Sold
94Benton Henderson ClarkStand Off38 by 38 inchesOil on Canvas$3,000Sold Post Sale
95T.D. KelseyRain Dance19 by 22 by 19 inchesBronze Ed. 4/15Not Sold
96Grant SpeedLittle Mustang Mare.12 by 15 by 5 inchesBronze Ed. 29/30$600Sold
97Bill HughesPueblo Nights30 by 36 inchesOil on Canvas$2,880Sold
98Jake (Ralph E.) HaverstickAdobe Pueblo19 by 36 inchesOil on LinenNot Sold
99Lowell E. SmithMission San Jose14 by 11 inchesWatercolor on PaperNot Sold
100Patrociño BarelaPraying Man8 by 2 by 2 inchesWood$1,599Sold
101Matt SmithPilot Peak9 by 12 inchesOil on PanelNot Sold
102Ben TurnerAspens on the RIver12 by 16 inchesOil on Canvas Panel$1,200Sold
103Matt SmithKolob Canyon18 by 24 inchesOil on LinenNot Sold
104Laurence Philip SissonGreen Mountain21 ½ by 29 ½ inchesWatercolor on Paper$1,230Sold
105Laurence Philip SissonNew Mexico Mountains25 ½ by 38 ½ inchesWatercolor on Paper$960Sold
106Jim WilcoxMt. Moran from Oxbow Bend20 by 30 inchesOil on Panel$1,000Sold Post Sale
107Dennis ZiemienskiThree Navajo Horsemen11 ¾ by 15 ½ inchesOil on Canvasboard$1,560Sold
108Dennis ZiemienskiNavajo in First Phase Chief's Blanket13 ¾ by 10 ½ inchesOil on Canvasboard$1,353Sold
109Bob PeakSioux Medicine Man28 by 21 inchesWatercolor on PaperNot Sold
110Gary KappLast Warm Days12 by 16 inchesOil on PanelNot Sold
111Bob WygantWinter Shadows10 by 14 inchesAcrylic on Panel$2,214Sold
112Wayne E. WolfeUnder Dallas Peak11 by 13 inchesOil on Board$900Sold
113Asa "Ace" PowellTwo Men on Horseback19 ½ by 29 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
114Fred HarmanThe Friendly Trail24 by 30 inchesOil on Linen$3,000Sold
115Thomas P. DarroIndian Chief24 by 36 inchesOil on BoardNot Sold
116Nicholas ColemanSalt River Camp24 by 30 inchesOil on Canvas$4,800Sold Post Sale
117Cyrus AfsaryReturn9 by 12 inchesOil on LinenNot Sold
118Gary KappReturn to Camp.24 by 30 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
119William AcheffE.S. Curtis - A Hopi Man24 by 20 inchesOil on LinenNot Sold
120Helen CorderoStoryteller - Male9 ½ inchesTerracottaMake Offer (estimate: $3,000 to $5,000)Available
121Helen CorderoStoryteller - Female8 inchesTerracotta$4,680Sold
122Carl RedinDesert Sunset9 by 12 inchesOil on BoardNot Sold
123Karl AlbertSand Springs, Monument Valley Utah36 by 30 inchesOil on Canvas on Board$1,200Sold Post Sale
124Helen HardinCorn Maiden17 by 10 inchesCasein on Paper$1,400Sold Post Sale
125Henry C. BalinkPortrait of Woman with Braid12 by 15 ½ inchesOil on Panel$Not Sold
126Gene KlossAdobes in Snow7 ¾ by 11 3/8 inchesEtching on Paper$1,450Sold Post Sale
127Gene KlossApache Women at the Fiesta.11 by 14 inchesDrypoint on Paper Ed. 75$2,160Sold
128Herb MigneryProtest9 ½ by 7 ½ by 5 inchesBronze Ed. 10/20$1,440Sold
129Roy AndersenIndian Standing7 by 5 inchesOil on Board$1,440Sold
130Joe AbbresciaThe Sentinel12 by 16 inchesOil on Canvas$950Sold Post Sale
131Herb MigneryCoffee Break9 by 6 by 8 inchesBronze Ed. 44/50$2,040Sold
132Bill NebekerMorn'n Call for Horses11 by 6 by 4 ¼ inchesBronze Ed. 5/30$2,160Sold
134Reynold BrownOutracing the Coup22 by 30 inchesOil on Linen$2,000Sold Post Sale
135Gary KappIndian Sunset12 by 16 inchesOil on PanelNot Sold
136Curtis FortStrong Heart22 ½ by 39 by 20 inchesBronze Ed. 4/22Not Sold
137David MannStill Too Young To Fight20 by 24 inchesOil on canvas$738Sold
138Tim SchmidtHitchin' a Ride18 ½ by 29 ½ inchesOil on Canvas$2,040Sold
139Herb MigneryMasai Warrior27 by 7 ¼ by 8 inchesBronze Ed. 1/9$2,880Sold
142Richard ThomasMany Trails16 by 12 inchesOil on Canvas$1,476Sold
143Clarence McGrathEl Lenero10 by 8 inchesOil on Panel$600Sold
144Phil StarkeDance of Hide and Seek11 ½ by 8 ½ inchesOil on BoardNot Sold
145Dennis SchmidtCowboy Sunset11 ½ by 8 ½ inchesAcrylic on CanvasNot Sold
146Carl J. SmithBrisk Walk16 by 20 inchesOil on Canvas$700Sold Post Sale
147Carl J. SmithDoctor's Visit18 by 24 inchesOil on Canvas$738Sold
148Bill NebekerFeathers, Furs & Fiddlin'10 by 5 by 4 ¾ inchesBronze Ed. 28/30$1,320Sold
149Donald PutmanApple of Her Eye30 by 40 inchesAcrylic on Paper$720Sold
150Donald PutmanHome Sweet Home30 by 40 inchesAcrylic on Paper$720Sold
151G. HarveyCourtin' Days11 by 7 by 7 inchesBronze Ed. 4/40$3,000Sold
152Dwight RobertsOtoe Chief30 by 24 inchesOil on PanelNot Sold
153Peter FillerupYoung Crow Warrior23 by 7 by 6 inchesBronze Ed. 2/12$1,440Sold
154Gordon CrabbLong Distance Rider18 by 29 inchesOil on Board$1,200Sold Post Sale
155George LundeenSunday Best15 by 11 by 8 inchesBronze Ed. 8/21Not Sold
156John D. FreeCow Country Alliance16 by 15 by 10 inchesBronze Ed. 3/35$1,200Sold
157Leonard ReedyHorse7 by 11 inchesWatercolor on Paper$1,140Sold
158Sue KrzystonRooted in Tradition8 by 11 inchesOil on Canvas$960Sold
159Sandra HarrisIndian Woman with Child6 by 8 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
160Sherry HarringtonSioux Indian Boy7 by 5 inchesOil on Panel$600Sold
161Sherry HarringtonHer Mother's Basket20 by 16 inchesOil on Panel$3,000Sold
162Kim MackeyDusk6 by 9 inchesOil on Canvasboard$1,440Sold
163Ken PaynePioneer Shelter11 by 16 by 11 inchesBronze Ed 4/45Not Sold
164Craig TennantBear That Walks17 by 15 inchesOil on canvas$1,200Sold
165Doug HydePipe Bag Song28 by 15 by 13 inchesStoneNot Sold
166Gerald McCannThe Mountain Man30 by 20 inchesOil on PanelNot Sold
167Grant SpeedSome of the Wild's Still There11 by 15 by 5 inchesBronze Ed. 30/30Not Sold
168Cynthia RidgenWar Horse6 ½ by 7 by 2 ½ inchesBronze Ed. 10/15$480Sold
169Jeffrey RudolphPersistance Pays Off14 by 24 by 16 inchesBronze Ed. 3/25$1,476Sold
170Lee CableCurious Trio14 by 20 inchesGouache on Board$840Sold
171Kent UllbergBald Eagle5 by 5 by 4 inchesBronze$600Sold
172Frank DivitaSpirit of the Wind.30 by 20 by 16 inchesBronze Ed. 49/50Sold Post Sale
173Sherry Salari SanderElk Bust15 by 11 by 15 inchesBronze$1,320Sold
174George PhippenBeginnin' of Another Day20 by 16 inchesOil on Linen$7,800Sold
175Olaf WieghorstOxen Pulling Wagon22 by 54 inchesOil on BoardNot Sold
176Fred FellowsSticking with the Game Plan.13 by 9 by 6 inchesBronze Ed. 48/100$2,160Sold
177Barbara Summers EdwardsCheyenne Crossing18 by 24 inchesOil on PanelNot Sold
178Robert A. WinterIn Search of New Territory23 ½ by 31 ½ inchesOil on board$1,600Sold Post Sale
179Olaf WieghorstBreaking Camp9 by 7 inchesWatercolor, pen and ink on paperNot Sold
180Olaf WieghorstDrifting8 by 6 ½ inchesWatercolor, pen and ink on paperNot Sold
181Lajos MarkosRider24 by 29 inchesOil on Linen$1,200Sold
182Gary CarterGreer Ore Wagon12 by 24 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
183John HamptonRoping Cowboy10 by 8 inchesPen and Ink on Paper$840Sold
184Olaf WieghorstIn Trouble6 by 7 ¾ inchesEtching on Paper$600Sold
185R. Brownell McGrewFishermen in the Southwest9 by 12 inchesCharcoal on Paper$960Sold
186John HamptonNative Wrangler on a Pinto10 by 8 inchesWatercolor and Ink on Paper$492Sold
187Patricia WarrenPalace Merchant18½ by 20 ½ by 16 inchesBronze Ed. AP/16$960Sold
188Fritz WhiteThe Wolf Shaman11 by 10 by 9 inchesBronze Ed. 8/25Not Sold
189Susan KliewerSilence19 by 15 ¼ by 11 ¼ inchesBronze Ed. 4/35$1,200Sold
190Douglas RicksMisty Teepee30 by 24 inchesOil on panel$1,230Sold
191Carl J. SmithBad Weather16 by 20 inchesOil on Canvas$1,107Sold
192Carl J. SmithOn A Morning in Spring24 by 36 inchesOil on Canvas$840Sold
193Kevin McCarthyPony Express14 by 16 ½ by 6 inchesBronze Ed. 4/20$1,800Sold
194Patricia WarrenCanyon Shepherd23 by 23 by 21 inchesBronze Ed. 7/20Not Sold
195Tom BeechamJavalina Morning14 by 20 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
196Tom BeechamDouble Trouble14 by 20 inchesOil on Canvas$825Sold Post Sale
197Tom BeechamWolverines - Fast Food14 by 20 inchesOil on Canvas$840Sold
198Tom BeechamJavalinas - Border Patrol14 by 20 inchesOil on Canvas$840Sold
199Gerald BalciarAtop the Red Bud24 by 11 by 9 inchesBronze Ed. 12/45N/ANot Sold
200Kent UllbergMountain Lord Bookends9 by 4 ¾ by 5 inchesBronze Ed. 26/100$840Sold
201Kim DonaldsonBuffalo - Dry Season Serondella29 by 41 ¾ inchesPastel on Paper$1,800Sold
202Sandy ClendennenRabbit8 by 10 inchesOil on Canvas$600Sold Post Sale
203Trevor SwansonQuail10 by 10 inchesOil on Canvas$2,280Sold
204Don RodellShadows20 by 30 inchesAcrylic on Panel$600Sold
205Sarah WoodsMule Deer in the Aspen13 by 16 ½ inchesOil on PanelNot Sold
206Dave WadeFossil Creek Rams14 by 20 inchesOil on Panel$Not Sold
207Gerald BalciarWings of Power31½ by 21 ¼ by 9 inchesBronze Ed. 33/45$2,280Sold
208Larry WolfePrairie Dust14 by 20 inchesOil on LinenNot Sold
209Gerald BalciarObservation Point.18 by 16 by 9 inchesBronze Ed. 4/20Not Sold
210Gerald BalciarCougar Canyon19½ by 10½ by 10½ inchesBronze Ed. 20/30Not Sold
211Kent UllbergWolves at Timberline17¾ by 18 by 8¾ inchesBronze Ed. 18/30$2,160Sold
212Robert DoaresBuck by the Stream in Winter24 by 20 inchesOil on Panel$960Sold
213Grant MacdonaldEvening Solitude24 by 18 inchesOil on canvasNot Sold
214Jake (Ralph E.) HaverstickEvening Camp19 by 30 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
215Ben TurnerRiver12 by 16 inchesOil on Canvas PanelNot Sold
216Frank B. HoffmanExcitement-A-Plenty16 by 20 inchesOil on MasoniteMake Offer (estimate: $5,000 to $7,000)Available
217Frank B. HoffmanMoonlit Ride14 by 20 inchesOil on PanelNot Sold
218Ralph Edward ObergArroyo Hondo Sunset11 by 14 inchesOil on PanelNot Sold
219Michael StackDays in the Patagonia Valley12 by 23 ½ inchesOil on Canvas$2,280Sold
220Ralph Edward ObergHigh Country12 by 16 inchesOil on PanelNot Sold
221Roy SwensonCarving the Canyon30 by 24 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
222Gordon CopeTruckee River30 by 40 inchesOil on MasoniteNot Sold
223Gary KappSummer Camp14 by 18 inchesOil on PanelNot Sold
224Dan OstermillerVelvet Willows10 ¼ by 14 by 5 ¾ inchesBronze Ed. 15/20$1,800Sold
225Daniel MetzAbove the Timeberline14 by 20 inchesOil on PanelNot Sold
226Larry WolfeThe Survivors14 by 20 inchesOil on LinenNot Sold
227Gerald BalciarSunny Ledge14½ by 8¾ by 8¾ inchesBronze Ed. 6/45Not Sold
228Gerald BalciarNowhere to Roam16 by 9¾ by 14 inchesBronze Ed. 10/20Not Sold
229Dave WadeIn the Prime14 by 20 inchesOil on PanelNot Sold
230Peter HurdPortrait of James S. Copley46 by 38 inchesEgg Tempera on Masonite$1,000Sold Post Sale
231Gene KlossMorning at the Pueblo, Ed. 739 by 12 inchesEtching on Paper$960Sold
232Peter HurdThe Live Oaks20 by 25 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
233Fred FellowsProperty Settlement9 by 16 by 7 inchesBronze Ed. 10/100$840Sold
234T.D. KelseyFlyboy22 by 10 by 15 inchesBronze Ed. 4/15$120Sold
235Mike DesatnickIndian Boy Dancer36 by 24 inchesOil on BoardNot Sold
236Glenn DeanRocky Hillside16 by 20 inchesOil on Linen$861Sold
237A. D. GreerRiverscape20 by 16 inchesOil on Canvas$2,040Sold
238Frank McCarthyThe Signal18 by 14 inchesOil on Panel$20,400Sold
239Frank McCarthyWar Chief of the Sioux18 by 14 inchesOil on Canvas$14,400Sold
240Olaf WieghorstIndian Before Fire and Buffalo Skull3 ½ by 6 by 6 inchesBronze$960Sold
241Martin GrelleMorning Count14 by 18 inchesAcrylic on Canvas$7,995Sold
242Grant SpeedBronc Rider (Bronze and Book)13 by 11 by 10 inchesBronze Ed. 50/100Not Sold
243Oreland C. Joe, Sr.Blackfoot Ritual Ed. 2/4512 1/2 by 14 by 9 inches; 18 by 14 by 9 inches including baseBronzeNot Sold
244Harry JacksonFrontiersman.22 by 21 by 11 inchesPolychrome Bronze$14,400Sold
245Steven LangHunter on the Kootenai20 by 32 inchesOil on Canvas$7,200Sold
246David MannEnchanted Mesa24 by 36 inchesOil on Canvas$11,070Sold
247Dan MieduchTo The Victor the Spoils20 by 30 inchesOil on Board$10,800Sold
248Karl ThomasPassing Clouds36 by 60 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
249Ann McLeodReflections40 by 60 inchesOil on Canvas$3,840Sold
250Robert DaughtersKino Bay22 by 28 inchesOil on Canvas$9,600Sold
251Walter GonskeAlmost to Llano, New Mexico30 by 26 inchesOil on Linen$10,200Sold
252Joe BeelerCampfire30 by 24 inchesOil on Canvas$19,200Sold
253Grant SpeedA Heck of a Hand 15/3014 by 6 by 12 inchesBronzeNot Sold
254Grant SpeedThe Lawman Ed. AC/4013 by 10 by 8 inchesBronzeNot Sold
255Paul CalleA View from the Heights27 ½ by 37 ½ inchesOil on Board$42,000Sold
256Carlos HallRanchos de Taos24 by 30 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
257Roy SwensonTimes Imprint36 by 60 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
258Jim WilcoxCathedral Glow30 by 40 inchesOil on Linen$8,400Sold
259Wilson HurleyThunderhead at Domingo Baca Canyon12 by 18 inchesOil on Panel$6,000Sold
260Ray SwansonWyoming Afternoon28 by 40 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
261Grant SpeedTwisters and Outlaws.26 by 20 by 14 inchesBronze Ed. 29/30$3,720Sold
262Mian SituNavajo Country32 by 40 inchesOil on Linen$28,800Sold
263Mian SituLakota Spirit20 by 16 inchesOil on LinenNot Sold
264James ReynoldsPacking In24 by 30 inchesOil on Canvas$21,600Sold
265Melvin WarrenApproaching Storm36 by 60 inchesOil on Linen$198,000Sold
266Charlie DyeCheyenne Thunder24 by 36 inchesOil on Board$48,000Sold
267John ColemanThe Blessing 5/5010 ¼ by 9 ½ by 5 ¾ inchesBronze Ed. 5/50$2,640Sold
268Richard ThomasThe Wild Bunch36 by 54 inchesOil on LinenNot Sold
269Grant SpeedSmoothin' Out the Humps.18 by 7 by 12 inchesBronze Ed. AC/30$3,600Sold
270T.D. KelseyHorse Trader12 ½ by 13 by 7 ½ inchesBronze Ed. 4/15$2,160Sold
271David SandersKing Ranch Longhorns24 by 36 inchesPastel on Paper$5,760Sold
272Xiang ZhangStorm is Heading This Way32 by 47 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
273Gordon SnidowEnd of Day36 by 48 inchesOil on panelNot Sold
274Grant SpeedThe End of an Era.17 by 21 ½ by 11 inchesBronze Ed. AC/30$3,000Sold
275Frederic RemingtonBronco Buster24 by 20 by 12 inchesBronze$97,170Sold
276Frank Tenney JohnsonThe Pool in the Desert.16 by 20 inchesOil on panelNot Sold
277Olaf SeltzerLittle Black Bucking Off Jack7 ¾ by 7 ½ inchesPen and Ink on Illustration Board$1,463Sold
278Olaf SeltzerBoy's Adventure7 ½ by 8 inchesPen and Ink on Illustration Board$650Sold
279Olaf SeltzerHuman Wolves7 ½ by 8 inchesPen and Ink on Illustration Board$1,230Sold
280Olaf SeltzerA New Era Had Come7 ½ by 8 inchesPen and Ink on Illustration Board$650Sold
281Olaf SeltzerHe Loves You, He Loves You Not12 by 9 inchesWatercolor on Illustration Board$8,300Sold
282Olaf SeltzerI've Struck It!9 by 12 inchesWatercolor on Illustration Board$7,200Sold
283Tom LovellThe Helpers16 by 24 inchesOil on Canvas$43,200Sold
284Joseph Henry SharpChant to the Rain Gods24 by 20 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
285Edouard CortèsBoulevard de la Madeleine.10 by 19 inchesGouache on Board$13,000Sold Post Sale
286Edouard CortèsPort Saint Martin, Neige10 by 19 inchesGouache on Board$17,400Sold
287Edouard CortèsTheatre du Chatelet18 by 22 inchesOil on Canvas$40,800Sold
288Antoine BlanchardParis19 ½ by 23 ¾ inchesOil on Canvas$5,228Sold
289Honghai PanTea in the Garden48 by 36 inchesOil on Canvas Board$5,904Sold
290Joan PotterStargazers and Plums26 by 22 inchesOil on LinenNot Sold
291Florence McClungFlowers24 by 20 inchesOil on CanvasMake Offer (estimate: $2,000 to $4,000)Available
294Morgan WeistlingThe Woodlands48 by 34 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
295G. HarveyMisty Morn in Frankfurt11 by 19 inchesOil on Linen$19,800Sold
296John Paul StrainGas Lights and Carriages16 by 24 inchesGouache on Board$3,567Sold
297Morris RippelSunlit Cottonwoods7 by 12 inchesWatercolor on Paper$3,840Sold
298Ray KnaubLate Summer Pasture18 by 40 inchesOil on Canvas$2,400Sold
299Michael StackOld Sonoita Homestead in Summer20 by 30 inchesOil on LinenNot Sold
300Clark HulingsThe Grain Merchant16 by 20 inchesOil on Linen$19,200Sold
301Scott ChristensenAspen18 by 16 inchesOil on PanelNot Sold
302G. Russell CaseStudio View in December11 by 13 ½ inchesOil on PanelNot Sold
303John ColemanMystic Smoke and Sacred Arrow39 by 17 by 17 inchesBronze Ed. 8/35$25,200Sold
304John ColemanBlack Moccasin.19 ½ by 13 ½ by 13 ½ inchesBronze Ed. 17/35$6,360Sold
305Russ VickersGathering for Trade24 by 35 ½ inchesOil$7,200Sold
306Robert McGinnisCall of the West18 ½ by 35 ¼ inchesOil on PanelNot Sold
307Frank McCarthyHostiles Along the Salt River18 by 24 inchesOil on Panel$15,375Sold
308George PhippenThe Cowhand16 by 20 inchesOil on Canvas$10,800Sold
309Craig TennantSurprise Party30 by 40 inchesOil on Canvas$12,600Sold
310Daniel ParkerSouthfork Crossing22 ½ by 42 by 19 inchesBronze Ed. 41/75$8,400Sold
311William Robinson LeighNavajo Cook8 by 10 inchesOil on BoardNot Sold
312Charles Marion RussellBlackfoot War Chief.11 by 12 by 6 inchesBronze$33,600Sold
313William Gilbert GaulReturning from the Hunt25 by 30 inchesOil on Canvas$28,800Sold
314Frank Tenney JohnsonRamona16 by 20 inchesOil on Board$18,000Sold
315Albert BierstadtRocky Mountains8¼ by 11 inchesOil on Canvas$87,600Sold
316Olaf SeltzerIndian Warrior8 ½ by 12 inchesWatercolor on Paper$13,800Sold
317Olaf SeltzerThe Trail Boss9 ½ by 14 ¼ inchesWatercolor on Paper$12,000Sold
318Henry C. BalinkChief Running Bear30 by 25 inchesOil on Canvas$32,400Sold
319Henry C. BalinkLone Star10 by 8 inchesOil on BoardNot Sold
320Tom GilleonThe Moon and Saturn48 by 48 inchesOil on Canvas$36,000Sold
321Stan DavisAutumn Morning42 by 60 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
322Don StiversTradition10 by 8 inchesOil on Panel$2,520Sold
323Jay DusardJim and Jason, 24/3248 by 38 inchesPhotograph Ed. 24/32Not Sold
324Jay DusardThe Bay, 22/3244 ½ by 31 ½ inchesPhotographNot Sold
325Robert McGinnisThe Lonely Sounds of Night19 by 14 inchesOil on PanelNot Sold
326T.D. KelseySunday at the Neighbors14 by 15 by 12 inchesBronze Ed. 6/10Not Sold
327T.D. KelseyMustang Nursery9 ½ by 10 by 5 ½ inchesBronze Ed. 4/15$1,560Sold
328Melvin WarrenHis Way of Life22 by 38 inchesOil on Board$22,800Sold
329John HamptonRace for the Wagons Ed. 27/6025 by 37 by 16 inches; 29 by 37 by 16 inches including baseBronzeNot Sold
330William AcheffThree Deer and a Buffalo16 by 26 inchesOil on Canvas$16,800Sold
331Olaf WieghorstNavajo Shepherd12 by 9 inchesOil on Board$9,600Sold
332Ray SwansonThunderbird Kachina10 by 8 inchesGouache on Board$3,000Sold
333Oreland C. Joe, Sr.Night Dancers20 by 12 by 7 inchesMarble$8,400Sold
334Oreland C. Joe, Sr.Going to Visit Another Camp23 by 10 by 6 inchesAlabaster$4,800Sold
335Jerry VendittiZia Pot32 by 30 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
336Andy ThomasFour Bears and the Cheyenne24 by 48 inchesOil on Linen$48,000Sold
337Bill OwenThe Cutting Horse25 by 25 by 17 inchesBronze Ed. 16/25Not Sold
338Fred FellowsDancing Back the Past.18 by 19 ¼ by 9 inchesBronze Ed. 36/50$4,800Sold
339Robert Clifford RishellIndian Man29 ½ by 23 ½ inchesOil on Canvas$3,500Sold Post Sale
340Robert ShufeltDust at Dusk22 by 30 inchesGraphite on illustration board$4,000Sold Post Sale
341Bill NebekerProve It22 by 7 ¼ by 8 ¼ inchesBronze Ed. 2/30$3,600Sold
342Dave McGaryGuardians of the Herd17 by 25 by 11 inchesBronze Ed. 9/100$5,658Sold
343Dave McGaryRain Maker26 by 23 by 18 inchesPolychrome Bronze Ed. 27/100$6,840Sold
344Dave McGaryCrow King Maquette10 by 5 by 9 inchesPolychrome Bronze Ed. 34/100$2,583Sold
345Oreland C. Joe, Sr.Keeper of the Night: Chant Songs14 by 7 by 7 inchesAlabaster$2,040Sold
346Cyrus AfsaryEvening in the Mohave Desert24 by 30 inchesOil on LinenNot Sold
347William AcheffComanche12 by 6 inchesOil on LinenNot Sold
348Gary CarterCurly's Portrait24 by 48 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
349Grant SpeedEnd of a Long Day.36 by 26 by 14 inchesBronze Ed. 1/30$8,640Sold
350Robert SummersComing Down18 by 24 inchesOil on Panel$3,480Sold
351Robert DuncanFrozen Sunrise12 by 20 inchesOil on Masonite$5,400Sold Post Sale
352David WrightThis Awesome Land14 by 19 inchesOil on Panel$2,880Sold
353Jose Vives-AtsaraCountryside on Monday30 by 40 inchesOil on PanelNot Sold
354Cyrus AfsaryVisit to the Mission24 by 18 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
355Rolla TaylorMissionOil on Panel9 by 12 inches$1,722Sold
356Robert WoodBluebonnets.29 by 39 inchesOil on Canvas$25,200Sold
357Robert WoodLaguna Beach15 by 19 inchesOil on Canvas$3,600Sold
358Doug HallWarriors & Peace Medals36 by 24 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
359John MoyersSunset on Taos Mountain34 by 48 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
360Jim CarsonCrockett's Final Moments35 ½ by 47 ½ inchesOil on Canvas$10,800Sold
362William AcheffZia Pot 1820-183020 by 18 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
363Oreland C. Joe, Sr.Winter Buffalo14 by 6 ½ by 4 ½ inchesMarble$2,040Sold
364Martha PettigrewCorn Maiden.11 by 7 ½ by 5 ½ inchesBronze Ed. 42/75$2,400Sold
365Joseph FleckTalpa Valley24 by 31 inchesOil on PanelSold Post Sale
366Will ShusterPortrait of an Indian Chief24 by 20 inchesOil on LinenNot Sold
367Henry Herman CrossLittle Crow35 by 25 inchesOilNot Sold
368Henry C. BalinkTaos Indian17 by 16 inchesOil on Masonite$10,200Sold
369Henry C. BalinkIndian Portrait20 by 15 inchesConte on Paper$4,500Sold Post Sale
370Frederic RemingtonA Bunch of Buckskins: Portfolio of 8 Lithographs20 by 15 inchesColor Lithographs$18,000Sold
371Olaf WieghorstArizona Mountain Trail24 by 36 inchesOil on Linen$81,600Sold
372Olaf WieghorstCowboy11 ½ by 11 by 5 inchesBronze Ed. 11/30Not Sold
373Edward BoreinRound Up Wrangler7 by 11 inchesWatercolor on Paper$16,800Sold
374William Henry JacksonEcho Canyon10 by 14 inchesWatercolor on Paper$1,722Sold
375Eanger Irving CouseKlikitat Chief15 by 15 inchesOil on Linen$16,800Sold
376Henry C. BalinkTahee-Quala, Taos Chief14 by 10 1/2 inchesOil on canvas boardNot Sold
377Alexander Phimister ProctorArabian Stallion.12 by 17 by 4 inchesBronzeNot Sold
378William AcheffZuni on Red9 by 12 inchesOil on Canvas$6,240Sold
379Tom LovellWalking Coyote and the Buffalo Orphans9 ¾ by 7 ¾ inchesPastel on Paper$5,640Sold
380Olaf WieghorstDiggin' In27 1/2 by 37 1/2 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
381Olaf WieghorstPintos28 by 38 inchesOil on Canvas$9,000Sold
382Charles FraceWolf32 ½ by 30 ½ inchesOil on LinenNot Sold
383Ken CarlsonSecluded Canyon10 by 13 inchesOil on Panel$16,200Sold
384Ray SextonDownhill Run18 by 33 inchesOil on Linen$3,120Sold
385Chris NavarroLonesome Howl18 by 16 by 8 inchesBronze$861Sold
386Ray SwansonBalloon N' Fun10 by 6 inchesOil on Canvas$2,400Sold
387Bill NebekerThe Medicine Shield10 by 11 by 8 inchesBronze Ed. 6/25$4,920Sold
388Paul CalleThe Fur Trapper.15 by 11 inchesSienna Brown Pencil on BoardNot Sold
389Howard RogersThe Burro16 by 24 inchesOil on Linen$1,750Sold Post Sale
390Jack SwansonBrandin' East Oregon24 by 42 inchesOil on Panel$4,320Sold
391Grant SpeedDodgin' Kicks and Hangin' On16 by 14 by 13 inchesBronze Ed. AC/30$2,040Sold
392T.D. KelseyThe Appointment18 by 31 by 15 inchesBronze Ed. 4/15$3,000Sold Post Sale
393Donald CrowleyA Young Dancer20 by 16 inchesOil on panelNot Sold
394Doug HallProud Shawnee12 by 9 inchesOil on Canvas$2,400Sold
395Grant SpeedRunning Wild Horses.17 by 18 ½ by 12 inchesBronze Ed. 29/30$2,640Sold
396Robert McGinnisApache Wells16 by 32 ¼ inchesOil on PanelNot Sold
397T.D. KelseyGrammar School13 by 13 by 11 inchesBronze Ed. 8/15$1,530Sold
398T.D. KelseyShowin' Off7 ½ by 10 ½ by 4 ½ inchesBronze$2,160Sold
399Frank McCarthyBlowing Dust14 by 26 inchesOil on Canvas Panel$14,400Sold
400Wayne JustusFall Runoff16 by 20 inchesOil on PanelNot Sold
401Joe BeelerBuster and Chalk7 ¼ by 7 ¼ by 2 ¼ inchesBronze Ed. AP/50$3,600Sold
402Frank McCarthyLost Trail32 by 24 inchesOil on canvas$42,000Sold
403R. Brownell McGrewNavajo Roundup35 by 45 inchesOil on Board$36,000Sold
404Kim MackeyBig Bend Roundup, Down Texas Way24 by 30 inchesOil on LinenNot Sold
405William MatthewsFrank Dominguez11 ¾ by 16 ½ inchesWatercolor on PaperNot Sold
406Kim MackeyHot Pursuit16 by 20 inchesOil on Canvasboard$2,400Sold
407Richard ThomasTrail of the Mountain Man42 by 60 inchesOil on Linen$49,200Sold
408T.D. KelseyHeadin' for Hay Wagon11 by 18 ½ by 9 inchesBronze Ed. 13/15Not Sold
409Alexander Young (AY) JacksonTamarack at Whitney, Ontario10 by 13 inchesOil on Panel$8,500Sold Post Sale
410Frank Paul SauerweinGrand Canyon12 by 18 inchesOil on Board$2,460Sold
411Charles Partridge AdamsA Majestic Mountain24 by 20 inchesOil on Canvas$5,880Sold
412Ben TurnerTaos Village24 by 30 inchesOil on Canvas$6,720Sold
413Ben TurnerFlowers30 by 36 inchesOil on Canvas$7,800Sold
414Andrew PetersSahuaros26 by 34 inchesOil on Canvas$6,240Sold
415Cyrus AfsarySpring Awakening24 by 36 inchesOil on LinenNot Sold
416Ralph Edward ObergOutclassed30 by 40 inchesOil on Board$12,000Sold
417Scott ChristensenMarsh Scene - Winter19 ½ by 23 ½ inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
418Scott ChristensenMarsh Scene - Spring19 ½ by 23 ½ inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
419Charles PabstNavajo Sheepherder40 by 80 inchesOil on Canvas$6,000Sold Post Sale
420Rod GoebelRidge Light30 by 40 inchesOil on canvasNot Sold
421G. Russell CaseCanyon de Chelly12 by 16 inchesOil on Panel$1,800Sold
422G. Russell CaseThe Mounds8 by 15 ½ inchesOil on Panel$1,500Sold Post Sale
423William Scott JenningsVishnu Temple at Sunset30 by 49 ½ inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
424Richard IamsCanyon Landscape38 by 70 inchesOil on CanvasNot Sold
425Ben TurnerVillage Among Cottonwoods20 by 30 inchesOil on LinenNot Sold
426Ben TurnerAspen Forest21 by 25 inchesOil on Canvas$5,160Sold
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