2018 November Auction


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November 1, 2018 to November 30, 2018Altermann Galleries, 345 Camino del Monte Sol, Santa Fe, NMGeneral Info | Terms & Conditions

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151Robert ScriverThe Moon of Yellow Leaves14 1/2 by 10 by 15 inchesBronze$2,400Sold Post Sale
152Kent UllbergStartled, 35/5012 by 9 1/2 by 4 1/2 inchesBronze$1,200Sold
153Dave WadeTeton Moose14 by 18 inchesOil on panel$1,800Sold
154Werner PlanggOn the Prowl28 by 36 inchesOil on canvas$1,560Sold
155Rod FrederickWolf and Pronghorns24 by 48 inchesOil on canvasMake Offer (estimate: $4,000 - $6,000)Not Available Post Sale
156Roy GrinnellWhen a Man Needs a Partner20 by 30 inchesOil on linen$1,200Sold
157Ralph Edward ObergWinter in the Cascades16 by 24 inchesOil on canvasMake Offer (estimate: $2,000 - $4,000)Not Available Post Sale
158Ralph Edward ObergDesert Rams22 by 15 inchesOil on linen$600Sold
159Harvey Otis YoungLeading Pack Donkeys21 by 31 1/2 inchesOil on boardMake Offer (estimate: $5,000 - $8,000)Not Available Post Sale
160T.D. KelseyAirmail7 1/4 by 10 1/2 by 4 inchesBronze$1,200Sold
161Robert CoombsPutting on Her Burgundy Cloak36 by 24 inchesOil on linen on panel$1,200Sold
162William Penhallow HendersonPortrait of Mrs. William P. Henderson65 1/2 by 27 1/2 inchesOil on canvas$8,400Sold Post Sale
163Gerald CassidyWoman in Garden30 by 16 inchesOil on canvas$3,600Sold
164Richard Schmid12th Street Wharf16 by 28 inchesOil on jute canvas$6,000Sold
165Mark DailyPeonies.12 by 16 inchesOil on panel$1,440Sold
166Paul StrisikFloral Still Life20 by 16 inchesOil on canvas board$1,080Sold Post Sale
167Ruth Greera Place du Tertre18 by 24 inchesOil on linen$480Sold
168Ruth GreerPlace de la Concorde16 by 20 inchesOil on linen$360Sold
169William BerraView Over Avignon52 by 32 inchesOil on canvasMake Offer (estimate: $5,000 - $8,000)Not Available Post Sale
170Doug DawsonKataryn and Her Doll24 1/2 by 19 1/2 inchesPastel on panel$120Sold
171Dave MerrillAt Attention14 by 11 inchesOil on canvas$1,440Sold
172Charles ReidLarge Roses36 by 36 inchesOil on canvasMake Offer (estimate: $3,000 - $4,000)Not Available Post Sale
173Georges LaugeeBergere et Mouton20 by 24 inchesOil on canvasMake Offer (estimate: $4,000 - $6,000)Sold Post Sale
174Nelson BorenAt The Gate.36 by 39 inchesWatercolor on paper$1,440Sold
175William MatthewsEarly Snow22 3/4 by 12 3/4 inchesWatercolor on paper$360Sold
176Bruce Carlton (BC) NowlinTo Be There54 by 66 inchesOil on canvasMake Offer (estimate: $6000 - $10000)Not Available Post Sale
177Frank HowellCanyon Lands13 by 13 inchesOil on panel$4,200Sold
178Marie Romero CashAdam and Eve in the Garden of Eden36 by 20 by 20 inchesWood & TinMake Offer (estimate: $2500 - $5500)Not Available Post Sale
179Fremont EllisThrough the Aspens14 by 11 inchesOil on panel$6,000Sold
180Eddie DominguezDesert Mountain Landscape22 by 15 by 9 inchesCeramicMake Offer (estimate: $3500 - $5500)Not Available Post Sale
181Rock NewcombWhispers on the Wind13 by 39 inchesAcrylic on panel$2,400Sold
182Don CrookYoung and Inquisitive30 by 24 inchesOil on panel$1,200Sold
183Ben TurnerSeptember Flowers26 by 34 inchesOil on canvasMake Offer (estimate: $2500 - $3500)Available
184David HalbachLast One In15 by 22 inchesWatercolor on board$1,320Sold Post Sale
185Gordon PhillipsNight Stop.24 by 36 inchesOil on linen$2,400Sold
186Sherry Blanchard StuartHassayampa Canyon24 by 36 inchesOil on linen$1,320Sold
187Homer E. TurnerStreet Scene.18 by 14 inchesOil on canvas$240Sold
188Nicolai FechinOld Man 30/3510 1/2 by 5 by 4 1/2 inchesBronze$840Sold
189Karl ThomasSummer Splendor-Tetons24 by 36 inchesOil on canvasMake Offer (estimate: $3000 - $5000)Not Available Post Sale

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