2020 June Live Online Auction

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James Boren artWayne Justus artKeith Christie artKeith Christie art
James Boren
Lot 65
Wayne Justus
Lot 66 (Available)
Keith Christie
Lot 67 (Available)
Keith Christie
Lot 68 (Available)
George Dick artJoe Beeler artJoe Beeler artJoe Beeler art
George Dick
Lot 69
Joe Beeler
Lot 70 (Available)
Joe Beeler
Lot 71 (Available)
Joe Beeler
Lot 72
George Phippen artDan Mieduch artArthur Mitchell artEd Kucera art
George Phippen
Lot 73 (Available)
Dan Mieduch
Lot 74 (Available)
Arthur Mitchell
Lot 75
Ed Kucera
Lot 76 (Available)
Oleg Stavrowsky artOleg Stavrowsky artRobert Shufelt artRobert Shufelt art
Oleg Stavrowsky
Lot 77 (Available)
Oleg Stavrowsky
Lot 78 (Available)
Robert Shufelt
Lot 79
Robert Shufelt
Lot 80 (Available)
Tim Schmidt artRichard Freeman artValoy Eaton artRobert Lietz art
Tim Schmidt
Lot 81
Richard Freeman
Lot 82
Valoy Eaton
Lot 83 (Available)
Robert Lietz
Lot 84
Mike Hamby artT.D. Kelsey artT.D. Kelsey artHerb Mignery art
Mike Hamby
Lot 85
T.D. Kelsey
Lot 86
T.D. Kelsey
Lot 87
Herb Mignery
Lot 88
Herb Mignery artHerb Mignery artHerb Mignery artHerb Mignery art
Herb Mignery
Lot 89
Herb Mignery
Lot 90
Herb Mignery
Lot 91 (Available)
Herb Mignery
Lot 92 (Available)
Clemente Spampinato artClemente Spampinato artClemente Spampinato artClemente Spampinato art
Clemente Spampinato
Lot 93 (Available)
Clemente Spampinato
Lot 94 (Available)
Clemente Spampinato
Lot 95 (Available)
Clemente Spampinato
Lot 96 (Available)

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