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2007 American Indian Art Auction

December 16, 2007

Hilton Hotel, Santa Fe, NM

1001Joseph LonewolfSanta Clara, Sgraffito Minature Seed Jar 19931¼ by 1¼ by 1¼ Pottery$1,920Sold
1002Camilio Sunflower TafoyaSanta Clara, Redware Sgrafitto Pot with Lid7¼ by 5 by 5Pottery$1,920Sold
1003Joseph LonewolfSanta Clara, Minature Red Sgraffito Seed Jar 19761½ by 2 by 2 inchesPotteryNot Sold
1004Joseph LonewolfSanta Clara, The Swallow of San Capistrano 19792 by 1¾ by 1¾Pottery$1,200Sold
1005Mae TapiaSanta Clara, Sgraffito Miniature Seed Bowl1¼ by 1½ by 1½Pottery$360Sold
1006Mae TapiaSanta Clara, Miniature Sgrafitto Redware Seed Bowl, Beetle1¾ by1¾ by 1¾Pottery$120Not Sold
1007Mae TapiaSanta Clara, Miniature Blackware Seed Bowl, Parrot2 by 1¼ by 1¼ Pottery$150Not Sold
1008Mae TapiaSanta Clara, Sgraffito Seed Bowl, Turtle1½ by 1¼ by1¼ inchesPottery$192Sold
1009Gregory M. LonewolfSanta Clara, Rainbow Trout and Man, Contemporary1¼ by 2 by 2 inchesPottery$960Sold
1010Camilio Sunflower TafoyaSanta Clara, Polychrome Sgrafitto Minature1 by 1½ by 1½ inchesPottery$600Sold
1011Rosemary Apple Blossom LonewolfSanta Clara, Polychrome Sgrafitto Minature, Contemporary1½ by 1¾ by 1¾ inchesPottery$420Sold
1012Lucy M. LewisAcoma, Miniature Animal Effigy2 by 2 by1 inchesPottery$96Sold
1013Lucy M. LewisAcoma, Miniature Polychrome Bowl, 19702 by 2½ by 2½ inchesPottery$300Sold
1014Lucy M. LewisAcoma, Miniature Polychrom Turkey Effigy1½ by 2 by2 inchesPottery$240Sold
1015A.L. CernoAcoma, Miniature Seed Jar, c. 1980's3 by 3 by 3 inchesPotteryNot Sold
1016Wanda AragonAcoma, Miniature Seed Pot1¼ by 1½ by 1½PotteryNot Sold
1017Dorothy TorivioAcoma, Miniature Seed Jar, Contemporary2 by 2½ by 2½ inchesPottery$360Sold
1018Grace Medicine FlowerSanta Clara, Set of Five Miniature Sgrafitto Vases, c. 19902½ by 1¾ by 1¾Pottery$4,800Sold
1019Dolores CurranSanta Clara, Miniature Vase, Contemporary2½ by 2½ by 2½ inchesPotteryNot Sold
1020Elmer Red StarSioux, Redware Sgraffito Bowl, 19922¼ by 3¼ by 3¼ inchesPottery$600Sold
1021Wallace YouvellaHopi-Tewa Redware Sgraffito Pot with Turquise PlugPottery$420Sold
1022Forrest NaranjoSanta Clara, Sgraffito Kachina Bear2½ by 1½ by 3¼ inchesClay$300Sold
1023Gloria Garcia-GoldenrodSanta Clara, Minature Sgraffito Pot2 by 2½ by 2¼ inchesPottery$300Sold
1024Geri NaranjoSanta Clara, Sgraffito Bowl2¼ by 3½ by 3½ inchesPottery$600Sold
1025Forrest NaranjoSanta Clara Sgraffito Seed Bowl, Contemporary3 by 2½ by 2¼ Pottery$360Sold
1026Emily TafoyaSanta Clara, Green Sgrafitto Seed Jar2¼ by 2½ by 2½ inchesPottery$300Sold
1027Emily TafoyaSanta Clara, Blackware Small Sgrafitto Vase5 by 3¼ by 3¼ inchesPottery$420Sold
1028Emily TafoyaSanta Clara, Minature Sgrafitto Seed Jar1½ by 1¾ by 1¾ inchesPottery$180Sold
1029Art Cody HaungooahSanta Clara Minature Sgrafitto Seed Jar2½ by 2½ by 2½ inchesPotteryNot Sold
1030Glendora DaubsSanta Clara Sgraffito Seed Jar2½ by 3 by 3 inchesPottery$360Sold
1031Kimberly GarciaSanta Clara Carved and Incised Vase5½ by 4 by 4 inchesPottery$480Sold
1032Shirley Cactus BlossomSanta Clara Miniature Incised Blackware Pot2¼ by 2¼ by 2¼ inchesPottery$480Sold
1033Marie SuazoSanta Clara Incised Bowl2 by 3¾ by 3¾ inchesPottery$300Sold
1034Lucy Year FlowerSanta Clara Incised Blackware Pot2¼ by 3¼ by 3¼ inchesPotteryNot Sold
1035Nancy YoungbloodSanta Clara Carved Avanyu Miniature Pot1½ by 2 by 2 inchesPottery$1,920Sold
1036Jonathan NetwaZuni Sgrafitto Bear Effigy3¾ by¾ by 4½ inchesstone$60Sold
1037Mary SingerSanta Clara Blackware Turtle Effigy4 by 6½ by 4½Pottery$480Sold
1038Timothy RollerSanta Clara Pair of Blackware Boots2 by 2½ by 1¼ inchesPottery$180Sold
1039Barbara GonzalesSanta Clara Blackware Owl Effigy2¾ by 2½ by 2¾Pottery$60Sold
1040Denise ChavarriaSanta Clara Blackware Feather Jar3½ by 3½ by 3½Pottery$120Sold
1041Old Lady NampeyoHopi-Tewa Lg. Sityaki Revival Storage Jar9 by 15 by 15 inchesPottery$25,200Sold
1042 Unknown ArtistHopi-Tewa Polychrome Bowl with Sityaki Revival Eagle2¼ by 8¼ by 8¼ Pottery$4,800Sold
1043Annie NampeyoHopi-Tewa Polychrom Shallow Bowl c.1900-19203¼ by 20 by 10 inchesPottery$11,400Sold
1044 Unknown ArtistHopi-Tewa Polychrome Platter, c.19204 by 9½ by 9½Pottery$4,800Sold
1045 Unknown ArtistHopi Polychrome Bowl, c.1900-201¾ by 6½ by 6½ inchesPottery$2,040Sold
1046 Unknown ArtistHopi Effigy Vessel, c.1900-19204 by 3¼ by 3¼ inchesPottery$840Sold
1047Carol NamokiHopi-Tewa, Hopi Polychrome Bowl, c.19703 by 11¾ by 11¾PotteryNot Sold
1048Dextra Quotskuyva NampeyoHopi-Tewa, Hopi Polychrome, c.1970-19804 by 8 by 8 inchesPottery$4,200Sold
1049Dextra Quotskuyva NampeyoHopi-Tewa Stars at Night2½ by 5½ by 5½Pottery$3,900Sold
1050Lucy Lueppe McKelveyNavajo, Rain Deities Gourd Pot19 by 8 by 8 inchesPotteryNot Sold
1051Dextra Quotskuyva NampeyoHopi-Tewa, Contemporary Polychrome Jar, Contemporary4 by 7¾ by 7¾Pottery$7,800Sold
1052Hisi NampeyoHopi-Tewa, Rain Bird Bowl, 20004½ by 5½ by 5½ inchesPottery$600Sold
1053Nathan BegayeHopi Navajo, Polychrome Jar4½ by 8 by 8 inchesPottery$1,440Sold
1054Nathan BegayeHopi Navajo, Polychrome Seed Jar5 by 8½ by 8½ inchesPottery$1,680Sold
1055Nathan BegayeHopi Navajo, Redware Conical Pot4½ by 8 by 8 inchesPottery$1,560Sold
1056Nathan BegayeHopi Navajo, Shallow Patchwork Bowl2¼ by 7 by 7 inchesPottery$840Sold
1057Nathan BegayeHopi Navajo, Large Polychrome Seed Jar4½ by 7½ by 7½ inchesPottery$480Sold
1058Nathan BegayeHopi Navajo, Evening Storm, Seed Jar7 by 10 by 10 inchesPottery$1,200Sold
1059Lucy Lueppe McKelveyNavajo, Pollen Boy on Sun Polychrom Canteen3¼ by 9 by 8 inchesPotteryNot Sold
1060Helen NahaHopi-Acoma, Polychrome Pot, c. 19703½ by 5 by 5 inchesPottery$960Sold
1061Garnet PavateaHopi-Tewa Polychrome Bowl c.19704 by 8¾ by 8¾ inchesPottery$1,080Sold
1062Mark TahboHopi-Tewa, Polychrome Jar6½ by 9½ by 9½Pottery$1,800Sold
1063Al QoyawaymaHopi-Tewa, Mesa Verde Vase13 by 8 by 7½ inchesPottery$4,800Sold
1064Rondina HumaHopi-Tewa, Pottery Shard Pot6¼ by 7 by 7 inchesPottery$5,400Sold
1065Iris NampeyoHopi-Tewa, Miniature Buffware Seed Jar2 by 1½ by 1½ inchesPottery$240Sold
1066Jody NaranjoSanta Clara, Buffware Jar - Contemporary10½ by 9 by 9 inchesPottery$600Sold
1067Irene & Kenneth WhiteNavajo, Incised Polychrome Vase6 by 4¾ by 4¾ inchesPottery$120Sold
1068Robert Youvella SilasHopi-Tewa, Polychrom Pot7 by 6 by 6 inchesPotteryNot Sold
1069Loetta KoshiwayHopi-Tewa, Red & Black on White Slip Vase7¼ by 6¾ by 6¾ inchesPotteryNot Sold
1070Joy NavasieHopi-Tewa, Polychrome Jar Bowl4½ by 7½ by 7½ inchesPottery$540Sold
1071Sylvia NahaHopi-Tewa, Polychrome Seed Jar - Contemporary3 by 5 by 8 inchesPottery$600Sold
1072Tom PolaccaHopi-Tewa, The Clan Race 19887¼ by 8 by 8 inchesPottery$1,200Sold
1073Marty and Elivra NampeyoHopi-Tewa Polychrome Carved Seed Bowl3¾ by 4 by 4 inchesPottery$240Sold
1074Lawrence NamokiHopi-Tewa, Mudhead, Contemporary3¼ by 2¾ by 2¾ inchesPottery$300Sold
1075Les NaminghaHopi-Zuni, Comtemporary Pot7½ by 9½ by 9½ inchesPottery$4,800Sold
1076Maria Martinez & Popovi DaBlackware Pot, c.19689 by 8 by 8 inchesPottery$45,000Sold
1077Maria & Julian MartinezSan Ildefonso, Black-on-Black Shrine Bowl5 by 9 by 9 inchesPottery$13,200Sold
1078Maria Martinez & Popovi DaBlackware Feather Plate11¼ by 11¼ by 1½ inchesPottery$6,000Sold
1079Maria & Julian MartinezSan Ildefonso, Very Rare Polychrome Pot3 by 6 by 6 inchesPottery$20,400Sold
1080Maria & Santana Roybal MartinezSan Ildefonso: Black-on-black Bowl, c. 1960-703½ by 9 by 9 inchesPottery$7,800Sold
1081Maria & Julian MartinezSan Ildefonso, Sienna Pot5¼ by 7 by 7Pottery$10,800Sold
1082Maria MartinezSan Ildefonso, Black Polished Pot, c.19604 3/4 by 6 by 6 inchesClayNot Sold
1083Maria & Santana Roybal MartinezSan Ildefonso, Black-on-Black Feather Plate11¾ by 11¾ by 1¼ inchesPotteryNot Sold
1084Maria & Santana Roybal MartinezSan Ildefonso, Blackware Pot, c.19505 by 6 by 6Pottery$4,800Sold
1085Maria & Santana Roybal MartinezSan Ildefonso, Star Design Plate, c.19505¾ by 5¾ by¾Pottery$960Sold
1086Maria MartinezSan Ildefonso, Black-on-Black Plate with Feather Design8¼ by 8¼ by 1 inchesPottery$1,080Sold
1087Maria & Santana Roybal MartinezSan Ildefonso, Small Blackware Plate6 by 6 by 1 inchesPottery$600Sold
1088Tonita RoybalSan Ildefonso, Black-on-Red Pot, c.19235¾ by 9 by 9Pottery$3,000Sold
1089Maria MartinezSan Ildefonso, Blackware Bowl2¾ by 8¼ by 8¼ inchesPottery$2,400Sold
1090Maria Martinez & Popovi DaSan Ildefonso, Maria &Popovi Da Feather Design Blackware Pot3 by 3½ by 3½Pottery$3,000Sold
1091Maria Martinez & Popovi DaSan Ildefonso, Blackware Jar, c.19603 by 4 by 4Pottery$3,600Sold
1092Edward Sheriff CurtisThe Vanishing Race8 by 10 inchesPhotogragh OrotoneNot Sold
1093Edward Sheriff CurtisSignal Fire To the Mountain God13½ by 10½Photogragh OrotoneNot Sold
1094Edward Sheriff CurtisThe Old Well of Acoma7¾ by 5¼ Photogragh Orotone$1,680Sold
1095Edward Sheriff CurtisPlate 541 Volume 15: Modern Designed in Washo Basketry, 192611 by 15Photogravure on Paper$4,200Sold
1096 Unknown ArtistMohave6¾ by 5 by 5 inchesPottery$420Sold
1097 Unknown ArtistCasas Grandes, Polychrome Owl Effigy Jar6½ by 6¼ by 6¼ PotteryNot Sold
1098 Unknown ArtistCasas Grandes, Effigy Jar6½ by 6¾ 6¾PotteryNot Sold
1099 Unknown ArtistCasas Grandes, Dual Snake Effigy Jar6¾ by 8¼ by 8¾PotteryNot Sold
1100 Unknown ArtistAnasazi, Roosevelt Black-on-White Bowl2¾ by 5¾ by 5¾ inchesPottery$1,200Sold
1101 Unknown ArtistAnasazi, Black-on-White Ladle12½ by 5½ by 3 inchesPottery$1,200Sold
1102 Unknown ArtistMimbres, Black-on-white Bowl, c.950-1150 A.D.4¾ by 10 by 10PotteryNot Sold
1103 Unknown ArtistMimbres, Black-on-White Mimbres Figure Bowl4¼ by 7 by 7 inchesPotteryNot Sold
1104 Unknown ArtistAnasazi, Black-on-White Bowl5 by 10 by 10 inchesPotteryNot Sold
1105 Unknown ArtistAnasazi, Biscuitware Black-on-White Bowl3¾ by 9¼ by 9¼ inchesPotteryNot Sold
1106 Unknown ArtistAnasazi, Mesa Verde Mug3½ by 5 by 5 inchesPottery$1,920Sold
1107Serefina OrtizCochiti, Polychrome Storyteller9½ by 6½ by 8½ inchesPottery$2,400Sold
1108Mary TrujilloCochiti, Pueblo Drummer Figurine12½ by 8 by 10½ inchesPottery$3,300Sold
1109Lisa HoltCochiti, Polychrome Standing Lizard Figurine8½ by 6 by 11 inchesPottery$1,020Sold
1110Virgil OrtizCochiti, Seated Fishman Figure with Snake9¼ by 8¾ by 8½ inchesPotteryNot Sold
1111 Unknown ArtistCochiti, Animal Effigy, c.18904 by 2¾ x2¾ inchesPottery$480Sold
1112 Unknown ArtistZuni, Zuni Head Effigy Jar5 by 3½ by 3¼ inchesPotteryNot Sold
1113Florentino & Martina MontoyaSan Ildefonso, Polychrome Bowl, c.19104 by 7¼ by 7¼ inchesPottery$7,200Sold
1114 Unknown ArtistTesuque, Black-On-White Jar, c.1920-194011¼ by 10¾ by 10¾ inchesPottery$7,800Sold
1115Alfred MontoyaSan Ildefonso Water Jar, c.1890-19109½ by 11x 11 inchesPottery$9,600Sold
1116Juan QuezadaMata Ortiz, Polychrome Vase, c.1970-19806½ by 6¼ by 6¼ Pottery$3,360Sold
1117Lonnie VigilNambe, Micaceous Redware Bowl4¼ by 7 by 7 inchesPottery$600Sold
1118 Unknown ArtistCheyenne Ledge Drawing, c.18807¾ by 6¾ inchesPencil on Paper$600Sold
1119 Unknown ArtistSioux, Ledger, c. 18807½ by 3 inchesWatercolor on Paper$720Sold
1120 Unknown ArtistSioux, Roan Eagle Ledger Drawing7 by 5 inchesMixed media on Paper$1,920Sold
1121 Unknown ArtistHopi-Tewa, Small Polychrome Bowl, c.19502 by 2½ by 2½ inchesPottery$30Sold
1122Anna MitchellCherokee / Vinitia / Oklahoma, Polychrome Pot7 by 9 by 9 inchesPottery$90Sold
1123 Unknown ArtistHopi-Tewa, Polychrome Animal Effigy Pipe, c. 19003¾ by 7¼ by 2¼ inchesPottery$1,560Sold
1124 Unknown ArtistIroquois, Beaded Child Moccasins, c.19004 by 7 by 8 inchesNative tanned hide$60Sold
1125 Unknown ArtistIroquois, Beaded Child's Moccasins3½ by 6½ by 7½ inchesNative tanned hide$120Sold
1126 Unknown ArtistIroquois, Niagra Falls Tourist Style Purse c.18906 by 5¾ by½ inchBeads on Velvet$180Sold
1127 Unknown ArtistIroquois, Beaded Tourist Purse, c. 18756½ by 5½ by¼ inchesCloth and Beads$240Sold
1128 Unknown ArtistApache, Beaded Leather Pouch, c.1920-193011½ by 8 by 1 inchesNative tanned leather$180Sold
1129 Unknown ArtistIroquois, Souvenir Pin Cushion4¼ by 7 by 8¾ inchesNot Sold
1130Art Cody HaungooahJemez, Sgrafitto Polychrome Miniature Pot3½ by 2¼ by 2¼ Pottery$240Sold
1131Glendora DaubsJemez, Buff Polychrome Sgrafitto Bowl5½ by 6 by 6 inchesPottery$1,320Sold
1132Glendora DaubsJemez, Incised Polychrome Buffware Pot, c.19803¼ by 4 by 4 inchesPottery$300Sold
1133Annie FieldsMohave, Red-on-Buff Double Effigy Jar11 by 10 by 6¾ inchesPotteryNot Sold
1134Christina McHorseNavajo, Micaceous Bowl with Lid, c.19806 by 8 by 8 inchesPottery$1,320Sold
1135 Unknown ArtistCochiti, Canteen, c.1960-19704 by 5½ by 5½PotteryNot Sold
1136 Unknown ArtistCochiti, Large Double Headed Canteen, c.1880-18906¾ by 9 by 9 inchesPotteryNot Sold
1137 Unknown ArtistCochiti-Tesuque, Polychrome Cochiti Pitcher, c.19206 by 6 by 6 inchesPotteryNot Sold
1138 Unknown ArtistAnasazi, St. John's Polychrome Bowl, c.1250 A.D.4 by 7½ by 8¾PotteryNot Sold
1139 Unknown ArtistMexican, Black-on-white Pitcher3¾ by 4¼ by 3¼ inchesPottery$36Sold
1140 Unknown ArtistGila/Tonto, Polychrome Vase, c.1250 A.D.6 by 6½ by 6½Pottery$600Sold
1141 Unknown ArtistGila/Tonto, Polychrome Pheasant Effigy5 by 11 by 5 inchesPotteryNot Sold
1142 Unknown ArtistMaricopa, Small Redware Canteen, c.19404¾ by 4½ by 2½ inchespotter$540Sold
1143 Unknown ArtistMaricopa, Black-on-Red Goblet, c. 19405 by 5 by 5½ inchesPottery$120Sold
1144 Unknown ArtistApache, Apache Coiled Basket (c.1900)8 by 9½ by 9½ inchesPottery$1,020Sold
1145 Unknown ArtistApache, Tray, c.1890-190013 by½ by 2 inchesBasketry$840Sold
1146Randall BlazeOgalala Lakota, Polychrome Buffalo Hunt Pot8½ by 10½ by 10½ inchesPottery$720Sold
1147Virginia GarciaSanta Clara/San Juan, Redware Pot6¾ by 7½ by 7½ inchesPottery$360Sold
1148Randall BlazeOgalala Lakota, Polychrome Buffalo Hunt Pot, 19928½ by 10½ by 10½ inchesPottery$480Sold
1149Alberto H. MaiduMaidu, Swirl Tray c. 19007¼ by 1 by 7¼ inchesBasketry$840Sold
1150Francis StevensPapago, Tohono O'Odham Tray12½ by 3 by¼ inchesBasketry$840Sold
1151 Unknown ArtistHopi, Polychrome Wicker Basket Tray c.198010¾ by 10¾ by 1¼ inchesBasketry$180Sold
1152 Unknown ArtistHopi, Polychrome Mudhead Kachina Basket13¼ by 12¾ by½ inchesBasketryNot Sold
1153 Unknown ArtistPlateau, Cornhusk Bag18½ by 14 inches$120Sold
1154 Unknown ArtistWasho, Polychrome Basket, c.19006½ by 9½ by 9½ inchesBasketry$2,400Sold
1155 Unknown ArtistWasho, Polychrome Basket,5 by 9 by 9 inchesBasketry$2,400Sold
1156 Unknown ArtistPima, Tray Basket c. 190012 by 1½ by 12 inchesBasketry$780Sold
1157 Unknown ArtistApache, Tray with Silver Button13½ by 1 by 13½Basketry$840Sold
1158 Unknown ArtistApache Tray, c.188012 by 2½ by 12 inchesba$1,200Sold
1159 Unknown ArtistApache Basket, c.1900-192011½ by 9 x9Basketry$6,000Sold
1160 Unknown ArtistAcoma Water Jar, c. 189010½ by 11½ by 11½ inchesPottery$13,200Sold
1161 Unknown ArtistZia, Polychrome Water Jar , c.1910-2012 by 11½ by 11½ inchesPotteryNot Sold
1162 Unknown ArtistZuni, Classic Zuni Polychrome, c.1900-108 by 10 by 10 inchesPottery$5,400Sold
1163 Unknown ArtistZuni, Polychrome Frog Bowl, c.1900-208½ by 11¼ by 11¼ inchesPotteryNot Sold
1164Rebecca LucarioAcoma, Black-on-white Pot, Contemporary4½ by 5 by 5 inchesPottery$1,200Sold
1165Rebecca LucarioAcoma, Fine Line Plate, Contemporary9 by 9 by½ inchesPottery$3,000Sold
1166R. ConchoAcoma, Black-on-white Seed Pot. c.1970-802¼ by 3 by 3 inchesPottery$240Sold
1167 M.C.Acoma, Black-on-white Cast Seed Pot3½ by 3¼ by 3¼ inchesPottery$36Sold
1168Debbie BrownAcoma, Black on White Acoma Vase, Contemporary9 by 6 by 5 inchesPotteryNot Sold
1169Rose E. GarciaAcoma, Kokopelli Seed Jar2½ by 5½ by 5½ inchesPottery$120Sold
1170MW CheromiahLaguna, Old Laguna Polychrome Jar7½ by 7 by 7 inchesPottery$180Sold
1171Gladys PaquinLaguna, Redware Polychrome Jar, 19939 by 8½ by 8½ inchesPottery$600Sold
1172 Unknown ArtistAcoma, Black-on-white Jar6 by 6½ by 6½ inchesPotteryNot Sold
1173EP RoutzenAcoma, Polychrome Jar, Contemporary9 by 8½ by 9 inchesPotteryNot Sold
1174Sarah GarciaAcoma, Black-on-white Mimbres Vase, c.19706 by 6 by 6 inchesPottery$600Sold
1175Elizabeth MedinaZia, Large Polychrome Zia Jar with Lid12¼ by 10¼ by 10¼ inchesPottery$600Sold
1176Marie Z. ChinoAcoma, Pinstripe Star Pot, c.19707 by 6 by 6 inchesPottery$1,080Sold
1177Arthur & Hilda CorizSanto Domingo, Polychrome Jar8½ by 10½ by 10½ inchesPottery$600Sold
1178Robert TenarioSanto Domingo, Polychrome Redware Jar8 by 8 by 8 inchesPottery$600Sold
1179 PoviOhkay Owingeh/San Juan, Polychrome Redware Pot, c.1950-607 by 8 by 9 inchesPotteryNot Sold
1180 Unknown ArtistZuni, Polychrome Bowl4½ by 8 by 8 inchesPottery$480Sold
1181 Unknown ArtistZuni, Small Zuni Polychrome Bowl2½ by 4¾ by 4¾ inchesPotteryNot Sold
1182Harviana TorribioZia, Pottery Tile, Contemporary6 by 5¾ by½ inchesPottery$240Sold
1183 Unknown ArtistSanto Domingo Polychrome Bowl3¼ by 9 by 9½ inchesPottery$180Sold
1184 Aguilar FamilySanto Domingo, Black on White Small Olla, c.1910-157½ by 5 by 5 inchesPottery$4,200Sold
1185 Unknown ArtistZuni, Polychrome Bowl, c.1900-204½ by 11 by 11 inchesPottery$1,200Sold
1186 Unknown ArtistZia, Polychrome Jar8 by 9¾ by 9¾ inchesPottery$1,680Sold
1187Margaret TafoyaBlackware Plate, Bear Paw Design12¾ by 12¾ by 2 inchesClay$6,000Sold
1188Margaret TafoyaSanta Clara, Blackware Jar, c.197016¾ by 12½ by 12½ inchesPottery$22,800Sold
1189Margaret TafoyaSanta Clara, Redware Avanyu Bowl, c.1940-19504½ by 9 by 9 inchesPottery$3,360Sold
1190Christina NaranjoSanta Clara, Blackware Wedding Vase, c.1960-7018 by 10 by 10 inchesPottery$7,200Sold
1191Filomena Cajete GutierrezSanta Clara, Blackware Olla with bear paw designs15 by 15 by 15 inchesPotteryNot Sold
1192Rose OriezadaMata Ortiz, Blackware Turtle Effigy Jar, Contemporary6½ by 7½ by 8 inchesPottery$120Sold
1193Helen ShuplaSanta Clara, Wedding Vase, c.19809 by 7¼ by 7¼ inchesPottery$840Sold
1194Linda Tafoya-PyenqueSanta Clara/San Juan, Blackware Fearther Pot, Contemporary4 by 4½ by 4½ inchesPotteryNot Sold
1195Christina NaranjoSanta Clara, Blackware Pottery, 19609½ by 9½ by 9½ inchesPottery$3,720Sold
1196Sera Fina TafoyaSanta Clara, Redware Polychrome Box with Lid3¼ by 3½ by 3 inchesPottery$6,000Sold
1197Mela YoungbloodSanta Clara, Wide Avanyu Pot , 19823¾ by 10 by 10 inchesPottery$13,200Sold
1198Nathan YoungbloodSanta Clara, Carved Blackware Vase10¼ by 6 by 6 inchesPottery$24,000Sold
1199Jennie TrammelSanta Clara, Redware Incised Vase13½ by 8 by 8 inchesPottery$4,800Sold
1200Sharon Naranjo GarciaSanta Clara, Bear Claw Vessel10½ by 8½ by 8½ inchesPottery$1,200Sold
1201Toni RollerSanta Clara, Incised Blackware Plate, c.19888¾ by 8¾ by 2 inchesPotteryNot Sold
1202Teresita NaranjoSanta Clara, Carved Blackware Avanyu Pot, c.19706 by 6¼ by 6¼ inchesPottery$2,160Sold
1203Teresita NaranjoSanta Clara, Redware Pottery, c.1970-803¼ by 6¼ by 6¼ inchesPottery$2,520Sold
1204Nancy YoungbloodSanta Clara, Small Lidded Ribbed Melon Jar, 20063½ by 4½ by 4½ inchesPottery$10,200Sold
1205Nathan YoungbloodSanta Clara, Blackware Bowl, Contemporary4 by 7 by 7 inchesPotteryNot Sold
1206Nancy YoungbloodSanta Clara, Swirled Melon Jar, 20025 by 6½ by 6½ inchesPottery$15,600Sold
1207Reycita NaranjoSanta Clara, Redware Polychrome Plate, c.195010½ by 10½ by 2 inchesPottery$420Sold
1208Belen TapiaSanta Clara, Polychrome Redware Feather Plate, c.198010 by 10 by½ inchesPottery$720Sold
1209Rose GonzalesSan Ildefonso, Incised Blackware Bowl, c.19703¼ by 4½ by 5 inchesPottery$300Sold
1210Lois & Derek GuitierrezSanta Clara, Redware Pot, c.19702½ by 3½ by 3½ inchesPottery$120Sold
1211Belen TapiaSanta Clara, Polychrome Redware Jar3¾ by 4¾ by 4¾ inchesPottery$420Sold
1212Margaret GuitierrezSanta Clara, Polychrome Seed Jar with Effigy Stopper3½ by 3½ by 3½ inchesPotteryNot Sold
1213Margaret & Luther GuitierrezSanta Clara, Polychrome Bowl, Contemporary4 by 5 by 5 inchesPottery$600Sold
1214Margaret & Luther GuitierrezSanta Clara, Polychrome Turtle Effigy, c.19803¼ by 4 by 3 inchesPottery$180Sold
1215Lela & Van GuitierrezSanta Clara, A Polychrome Avanyu Pot, c.1930-409 by 6½ by 6½ inchesPottery$5,700Sold
1216Grace Medicine FlowerSanta Clara, Sgrafitto Redware Vase, c.1970-8010½ by 5½ by 5½ inchesPottery$1,920Sold
1217Jody Folwell-NaranjoSanta Clara, Pink Lavander Clay Pot, 19934¼ by 9 by 9 inchesPotteryNot Sold
1218Lois GuitierrezSanta Clara, Large Polychrome Vase, 198913 by 9¼ by 9¼ inchesPottery$5,100Sold
1219Albert & Josephine VigilSan Ildefonso, Buff on Red Avanyu Pot, c.19826 by 9½ by 9½ inchesPottery$840Sold
1220Nathan YoungbloodSanta Clara, Redware Vase with Bear Paws, 19796½ by 4½ by 4½ inchesPottery$2,400Sold
1221Toni RollerSanta Clara, 2-77 Pottery, 19774½ by 7 by 7 inchesPottery$2,280Sold
1222Dora Tse-peSan Ildefonso, Etched Redware Bowl, 19735 by 7½ by 7½ inchesPottery$4,920Sold
1223Shawn TafoyaSanta Clara, Buffware Polychrome Bowl, 19914¼ by 10¼ by 10¼ inchesPottery$540Sold
1224Denny GutierrezSanta Clara, Swirl Melon Jar, Contemporary6 by 4¾ by 4¾ inchesPottery$1,560Sold
1225Forrest TafoyaSanta Clara, Prehistoric Meets Modern, 19954 by 5½ by 5½ inchesPotteryNot Sold
1226Barbara GonzalesSanta Clara, Polychrome Seed Bowl, Contemporary4½ by 8¼ by 8¼ inchesPotteryNot Sold
1227Ergil (Dalawepi) ValloAcoma, Sgrafitto Blackware Polychrome Jar4½ by 4½ by 4½ inchesPottery$600Sold
1228Ergil (Dalawepi) ValloAcoma, Polychrome Blackware Pot8 by 6 by 6 inchesPottery$720Sold
1229Carmelita DunlapSan Ildefonso, Blackware Jar12½ by 12 by 12 inchesPottery$7,200Sold
1230Lu Ann TafoyaSanta Clara, Blackware Bird Effigy Bowl3 by 8½ by 6 inchesPottery$180Sold
1231Judy & Lincoln TafoyaSanta Clara, Bear Paw Design Jar, 20059 by 7 by 7 inchesPotteryNot Sold
1232Virginia EbelackerSanta Clara, Black Bear Paw Sotrage Jar11¾ by 11 by 11 inchesPotteryNot Sold
1233Daisy TaugelcheeNavajo, Two Grey Hills Tapestry, 197925¾ by 14½ inchesWool$7,200Sold
1234Priscilla TaugelcheeNavajo, Two Grey Hills Tapestry, 197927½ by 16 inchesWoolNot Sold
1235Betty BailyNavajo, Pictorial Geometric Rug, c.197078 by 55 inchesWool$4,800Sold
1236 Unknown ArtistTwo Grey Hills Area, Pictorial Feathered Rug (c.1930)50 by 67 inchesWool$1,800Sold
1237 Unknown ArtistNavajo, Chinle Blanket (c.1940)62½ by 49½ inchesWool$1,320Sold
1238Philomena YazzieNavajo, Burntwater Rug, 197679 by 63 inchesWool$6,000Sold
1239Winnie JamesNavajo Rug with Two Stepped Diamond in Center58¾ by 38 inchesWoolNot Sold
1240Helen BiaNavajo, Ganado Rug - Chinle Area (1960)72 by 44 inchesWoolSold
1241 Unknown ArtistNavajo, Crystal Runner (c.1960)125 by 57 inchesWoolNot Sold
1242Ruth MooreNavajo, Earth Toned Crystal Rug120 by 80 inchesWoolNot Sold
1243Grace NezGanado, Wide Ruins Rug (c.1950)89 by 54½ inchesWoolNot Sold
1244 Unknown ArtistNavajo, Tec Nos Pos Rug (c.1930-1940)64 by 37 inchesWool$780Sold
1245 Unknown ArtistNavajo, Two Gray Hills Rug (c.1940)70 by 49 inchesWool$960Sold
1246Mary Alice SamNavajo, Two Grey Hills Rug (c.1920)66¼ by 45¼ inchesWoolNot Sold
1247Emily MaloneNavajo, Tec Nos Pos Rug60 by 37½ inchesWool$1,680Sold
1248Mildred NatoniNavajo, Two Grey Hills Rug (c.1980)19 by 32 inchesWoolNot Sold
1249 Unknown ArtistNavajo, A Navajo Rig (c.1940)70 by 45½ inchesWool$1,080Sold
1250Mary Louise GouldNavajo, Two Grey Hills Rug (c.1970)44½ by 27 inchesWoolNot Sold
1251 Unknown ArtistNavajo, Navajo Rug (c.1920-1930)72½ by 47½ inchesWool$2,400Sold
1252 Unknown ArtistNavajo, Navajo Single Saddle (c.1940)24 by 35½ inchesWool$930Sold
1253 Unknown ArtistNavajo, Sunday Saddle Blanket (c.1890)39 by 27 inchesWool$1,200Sold
1254 Unknown ArtistNavajo, Navajo Crystal Rug (c.1920)81 by 52 inchesWool$1,200Sold
1255Rita YazzieKlagetoh Rug (c.1970-1980)122 by 72 inchesWoolNot Sold
1256 Unknown ArtistNavajo, Large Ganado (c.1930)111½ by 55 inchesWool$4,800Sold
1257 Unknown ArtistNavajo, Diamond Patterned Navajo Rug (c.1940)56 by 35 inchesWool$780Sold
1258 Unknown ArtistNavajo, Four Corners Navajo Rug (c.1980)71 by 40½ inchesWool$1,200Sold
1259 Unknown ArtistNavajo, Navajo Yei Rug37 by 63 inchesWool$960Sold
1260 Unknown ArtistNavjo, Navajo Pictorial Rug (c.1990)47½ by 66 inchesWool$2,400Sold
1261 Unknown ArtistNavajo, Yei Rug (c.1950)37 by 54¼ inchesWool$300Sold
1262Brenda CrosbyNavajo, Sandpainting Rug (c.1970)49 by 48 inchesWool$4,800Sold
1263 Unknown ArtistNavajo, Rare Purple Pound Rug (c.1900)104 by 58 inchesWool$4,200Sold
1264 Unknown ArtistNavajo, Late Third Style Navajo Chief's Rug (c.1910-1920)66 by 56½ inchesWool$4,800Sold
1265 Unknown ArtistNavajo, Red,Gre,White and Black Geometric Rug (c.1930)101 by 66 inchesWoolNot Sold
1266 Unknown ArtistVery Rare Hopi Transitional Blanket72 by 58 inchesNatural Fibers$840Sold
1267 Unknown ArtistNavajo, Germantown Rug (c.1880)58½ by 36 inchesWool$3,900Sold
1268Tom HuntSouthern Kwakiutl Bukwas (Wild Man of the Woods), (1992)14 by 11 by 9 inchesWood$2,280Sold
1269Richard HuntKwakiutl, Eagle Carved Mask (1991)10 by 9 by 7¾ inchesWood$2,280Sold
1270Stan Hunt, IIIKwakiutl, Polychrome Sisiutle Rattle (1986)7¾ by 19¾ by 3½ inchesWood$1,440Sold
1271Joseph SparksTotem pole (1998)105 by 7 by 7 inchesWood$2,400Sold
1272Joseph SparksTotem pole with five images116 by 16 by 16 inchesWoodNot Sold
1273Joseph SparksFive Figured Totem Pole Beginning with Eagle (2002)77 by 4 by 4 inchesWood$3,120Sold
1274Homer WarrenNavajo, Navajo Folk Art Figurine, Contemporary7½ by 2¾ by 2½ inchesClay and Paint$90Sold
1275Homer WarrenNavajo, Folk Art Figurine, Contemporary7½ by 2½ by 2¼ inchesClay and Paint$90Sold
1276 YazzzeNavajo, Wooden Rooster, Contemporary10 by 11½ by 4½ inchesMixed Media$72Sold
1277Barry CoffinKoshare with Dead Mouse (1986)28½ by 11 by 8½ inchesMixed MediaNot Sold
1278Horacio E. ValdezCristo, 197859¾ by 39 inchesWood$9,600Sold
1279Frank McGuireStanding Female Figure (1981)32 by 6½ by 5 inchesStoneNot Sold
1280 Unknown ArtistNew Mexico Santero, Virgin of Guadalupe19 by 7¼ by 4½ inchesMixed MediaNot Sold
1281Rufino TamayoTwo Standing Figures in Orange22 by 20 inchesPrint on Paper$3,600Sold
1282Rufino TamayoStanding Woman29½ by 22 inchesPrint on Paper$3,000Sold
1283Rufino TamayoStanding Man9½ by 6¾ inchesMixed Media$1,560Sold
1284Rufino TamayoPerro22 by 30 inchesPrint on Paper$5,400Sold
1285Helen HardinSanto Domingo Bird5¾ by 7¾ inchesOil$2,400Sold
1287Kevin Red StarWinters, 197724 by 20 inchesAcrylic on Cavas$6,000Sold
1288Carl Nelson GormanFirelight Sword Dance19¾ by 23 2/3 inchesOil on Canvas$840Sold
1289Tony AbeytaBeginning Forest34 by 29 inchesAcrylic on Paper$1,200Sold
1290Delbridge HonanieMorning Clown Dancers, 197926 by 38 inchesOil on Canvas on Board$420Sold
1291Bruce LaFountainBig Water33½ inches highBronze edition of 12$7,200Sold
1292John NietoBuffalo Dancer60 by 48 inchesAcrylicNot Sold
1293Allan HouserMescalero Drummer25½ inches highBronzeNot Sold
1294Allan HouserHorses13½ by 15½ inchesPencil on Paper$3,000Sold
1295Allan HouserAt Rest, 199425½ inches highSonteNot Sold
1296Allan HouserThe Stud, 197324 by 18 inchesAcrylic on CanvasNot Sold
1297Allan HouserYoung Apache Mother18 inches highMarbleNot Sold
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